The bells were made in 1000 BC. The earliest metal bells were dated about 2000 BC in the Toasi site and four in the Erlitou site. The bells were an attempt to be a machine that would transmit sound by electricity. The guy who invented it was mostly know for the guy who invented the telephone. His name was Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) he was a very well known American scientist. This instrument was invented from a very thick metal that was in the shape of a triangle. There is a wood or metal piece holding all the thick pieces of metal. Its is held up by a little metal stick with screws. There are white fluffy things wrapped around each one of the metal sticks. The bells are in the percussion family. That is like the drums, any other type of drums, and like the triangle. There are a lot of instruments like the bells. They have many similar instruments because they have a big instrumental family. One thing that is similar to the bells is the triangle. The triangle is small unlike the bells but it makes a loud dinging sound like it. It has different types of different sticks so it can sound different each time.   If i master this instrument I could play the flute because it has the same notes as the bells. Another thing is that I have had experience with the flute already. The instruments that are similar to mine are the drums, triangle, symbols, and the piano. There are many songs that feature the bells. Like one of best examples of bells chiming in heavy metal is Limbonic Art-Beneath The Burial Surface or the Penguin song we have been playing in class. There are also many songs that feature the bells. Two examples would be For Whom The Bells Tolls – Metallica and Hail Mary – Tupac. One non-professional musician who has played the bells is Britney. Another person would be Michael W. Smith. Three people who has or have played the bells for a living is Keiko Abe (marimba), Alex Acuña, Charlie Adams. They have made a living out of this by showing up on different shows showing their musical talent or by performing on musical stages.

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