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According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, the definition of science is defined as “knowledge attained through study or practice,” or “knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, especially as obtained and tested through scientific method [and] concerned with the physical world.” Science is totally dependent on logic; it is always trying to find different laws related to the universe and ways to enhance the wellbeing and living standards of human being. From Stone Age to Information age, whatever we humans are today is all because of the development and advancement of science.

Mankind will always be grateful to science and the entire scientists for all the invention which has made our life and living so easy. Scientists such as Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilee and Isaac Newton began formulating laws of nature such as Newton’s laws of motion. There are various fields of science such as natural science ,chemistry, physics etc. and within these fields there are various sub fields such as natural science can further be classified into following Anatomy, Astrobiology, Biochemistry, Botany, Cell biology, Ecology, Evolution (Evolutionary biology), Genetics and many more. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge such modification of tools, techniques, machines system etc.

to simplify a problem and to make living much easier. Science and technology goes hand in hand As defined by English dictionary technology, is “The practice of any or all of the applied sciences that have practical value and / or industrial use: technical method(s) in a particular field of industry or art: technical nomenclature: technical means and skills characteristic of a particular civilization, group, or period” According to American Encyclopaedia -“Technology refers to ways of making or doing things. The term technology is derived from the Greek word “techne”, meaning, art, or, craft; but it is generally used in either of two more restricted senses.

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In the narrower sense, technology refers only to the industrial processes that succeeded craft operations. In the broader sense, technology refers to all processes dealing with materials. Technology always has to be learned, whether in the form of manual dexterity or as an applied science” Efficiency of Technology Computers and technology helps in faster processing of data and easy retrieval of information. They make our world automatic and reduce the amount of physical labour. And also working with machines produces accurate result, with next to nil mistakes, unlike physical labour. Technology assures accurate results if used properly. Special training is required to learn the use of different technology.

Computers are being modified in a rapid range. The method of payments made by credit card is a great example of advancement of technology. You do not have to carry cash any more, thanks to the invention of credit cards. Technology has helped employees to provide better and quicker services to their client. The wide usage of “internet” has made globalization possible.

Internet is a network of networks. It has linked millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, through electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. Computers, laptops, ipads and mobile phones are lifeless without an internet connection. There are many of advantage of using internet.

Video calling, conference call or any other kind of call, all can be made easily and at cheap rate. Thanks to the internet. One can earn money sitting at home through internet. We advertise on internet, share videos and pictures and lot more through internet. There is an endless usage and advantages of internet.

One can use internet for various purposes. Internet today has reached each and every household. Kids today cannot imagine the lives their parents experienced two or three decades ago, when just a television set in a household was considered to be a blessing. We truly live in the best age possible. Phone is no longer used to make and receive calls . One can complete its entire work on his phone. So many applications and many software can be uploaded and applications on our cell phones makes our life much easier and systematic. Following are some of the developments of technology in 2012 that are going to create vast changes in life of humans.

Cloud Computing The Invention of Cloud computing is a great technological advancement. You can easily share your data. You can instantly view a file from your smart phone into your computer or television by the way of cloud. Algae biofuel Talks are still on for the launch of Algae biofuel. Algae bio fuel will act as a substitute to many fuels. With the demand of fuel increasing and supply not able to cope up with demand, Movement of algae fuel from labs to commercial plants will be beneficial to Human kind. Many countries such as Chile, US, Australia, Sri Lanka etc.

are setting up algae oil based plants. The technology will work in places that have lots of sunlight, salt water, and empty non-arable land. White Spaces Wi-Fi- Wireless net connection has made computing more easy and faster. White space Wi-Fi is a better version of wireless connection; it is kind of super Wi-Fi network. This kind of Wi-Fi can be used in for viewing up to 50 channels. It can produce larger volume of air waves.

This can also help in reducing the stress of 3G and 4G networks. Healthcare Mobile Apps There is increasing use of applications specially a health care app. Day by day companies like GE, Siemens, and Philips etc. are developing more user friendly health care mobile application. For example doctors can now see images of scans on their cell phones. Thus with the passage of time these inventions will bring great changes in our society and might even help in reducing the cost of health related expenditure. Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8 is another marvel invention by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows 8 has many new fantastic features and application the most important being touch PC screen. One can use both the option touch and type. The result is a computer that operates as a hybrid, with all the functions of a standard PC operating system but the user experience of a tablet. Hybrid Supercomputers Supercomputers are undergoing rapid advancements. Scientist are developing Hybrid supercomputers that will have different combinations of mainstream processors and graphic processors. This year would see the birth of several supercomputers that are lightning fast and others that are low-cost and energy-efficient, but much faster than desktops. Flexible displays We see many inventions and innovations waiting to be commercialized. Very soon newspaper will be replaced by flexible displays.

You can read your newspaper in E-format and can roll it like an actual newspaper. Very soon flexible phones and tablets will be launched by Samsung and Nokia. With the passage of time one will also see development of fully flexible devices.

These invention requires new kinds of processors and batteries. On the cards are windows that double up as displays electronic writing paper, electronic shelf labels in stores, and so on. New Solar cells Development of new solar cells is vital for growth of an economy. With the increasing demand in energy, supplements provided by solar energy can go a long way. We see many inventions and innovations waiting to be commercialized.

On cards are high-powered organic solar cells,3D solar cells, efficient printable solar cells, new methods of storage at night, simple manufacturing processes etc. many of the above solar products might be available by this year. These inventions will not only help in getting cheaper electricity but will also be of great help for the growth and development of mankind. Hybrid Electric Cars Scarcity of fuel is increasing the price of fuel. Price of fuel is not only making transportation costlier, but it also increasing the cost of basic commodity. This ultimately results in inflation.

Like solar energy, electric cars will help in reducing the cost of transport and in turn may also lead to decrease in inflation. We see many inventions and innovations waiting to be commercialized, on cards are the Ford C-Max, Toyota Prius, Volvo v60, plug-in-hybrid, etc. This year is also named as a “true year of the electric vehicle”.

We see many products launch in the category plug-in-hybrid Memristor Memristor is going to make a huge change in many industries. Memristor will soon be launched by the end of this year. Memristor is a faster and cheaper substitute to flash memory. Memristor is a circuit element and was discovered by Hewlett Packard HP) in 2007. Launch of Memristor will result in decline in the usage of flash memory. Lytro’s Light-field Camera With Lytro’s Light-field Camera one can take a snap in hurry and get great pictures. The pictures taken can be adjusted later. The camera has a solution with a light-field camera with which one can adjust pictures after it has been taken.

Lytro CEO Ren has worked for six years to create this master piece. The camera comes with 8 GB and even 16 GB memory card. Google’s virtual reality goggles By the end of this year Goggle will launch Android-powered virtual reality glasses. Google’s virtual reality goggles can provide added information about a landmark one is looking at or it may find a discount to a restaurant that you looked upon with your glasses. Thus the basic function of these glasses will be to beam contextually relevant information straight to your eyeballs. These glasses can also be used for virtual reality games that use the real world as the playground.” Metamaterials Metamaterials are made up of artificial materials.

The properties of Metamaterials are not found in nature. Light can easily travel across from this metamaterial. Thus we can produce invisible objects with the help of metamaterial Smart Grids Smart Grid provides substitutes for energy.

It is a form of alternate energy. Smart grid are more energy efficient and can easily be used at homes, buildings and even in an entire city. It lets utilities manage their loads. Its energy efficiency feature helps in reduction in electricity costs.

It can also be used in various advance services such as emergency response. Globally, 2012 is a key year for smart grids with three distinct kinds of activities. There are various other astonishing inventions such as launch of iPhone5, invention of Low-cost gene sequencing etc.

that are benefiting to our society at large. The year 2012 will also see commercialization of large number of bio-degradable products. With regular space visit ,very soon we will see many people holidaying at moon. It is a progressive field and studying science will evolve day by day undoubtedly opening new unknown and unseen arenas which are unknown to mankind.

Thus we see without the development of science and technology life would be a body without blood. Just like a body cannot function without blood, life today cannot function without using the new and advanced technology. Science and development of technology is crucial to our development. These days many booking of tickets such as for movies, shows, plays, planes and trains are all done by sitting at home. Few years back this was unimaginable. No longer have we had to waste our time by standing in queues.

Globalization has helped in uniting the whole world; but this globalization would have been not been possible without science and technology. One of the most important dis-advantages resulting from the growth of science and technology today is that war today is very dangerous and destructive. Science has given to us gas warfare, bacteriological warfare and atomic warfare. This type of warfare can destroy and kill human beings. The inventions of the other weapons of war like an atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, submarines etc. have endangered the very life and existence of human beings.

Life without science and technology is next to impossible today. We are highly dependent on the wonders of Science and technology. The progress of science and technology is found in both the domains; constructive as well as destructive. One should be careful with the application of science and technology applied; improper usage may lead to death and destruction.

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