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       The Story of an Hour

Kate Chopin, the author of the short
story, “The story of an Hour”, presented an odd view of a marriage.
Mrs. Louise Mallard, Chopin’s first and main character, experienced an
excitement of freedom instead of feeling loneliness for her husband who has
been announced dead at an accident. Mrs. Mallard takes it to the head, and
forgets to control her happiness which is damaging her heart. Later on, the
story, Mrs. Mallard learns that her husband, Brently did not exactly died. Mr.
Mallard is still alive and she realizes that her freedom is gone. The joy, Mrs.
Mallard expressed cause her to pass away before Mr. Mallard could get home.

The beginning of the story,
Josephine, sister of Louise and Richard, best friend of Brently believed they
needed to break the bad news too Louise Mallard about Brently Mallard death as
gentle and calm as possible. They assume that the news would be too heavy for Mrs.
Mallard to handle, thinking it will be devastating to Mrs. Mallard and will
make her weaker by the heart. At first Mrs. Mallard did not think about any
freedom she was became close minded when her husband news was delivered. The
facts reached her wordlessly joy and symbolically and “opened the glass
window” through which she saw the “open square” in front of her
home. The back meaning of the word “open” emphasizes possibility and a lack of
all restrictions.

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The scene of the story was full of
hope and freedom and energy. The “delicious breath of rain” is in the air,
sparrows are all tweeting and Mrs. Mallard can hear them nicely. Mrs. Mallard
starts to hear someone singing a song in the distance. The trees also reflected
“all aquiver with the new spring of life.” Mallard observes all the trees in
the beginning of spring until the end, and the patches of light blue sky without
knowing what they might even mean to her or her life.

Also describing Mallard lost sense,
Kate Chopin writes, “It was not a glance of reflection, but rather indicated a
suspension of intelligent thought.” If Mallard had been more smart and social
norms might have stop her from believing she could have freedom. Mrs. Mallard
calmly started to put all her freedom and strong decisions together. Also, Mrs.
Mallard resisted awareness, and regarded “fearfully.” As Mallard realizes how
it actually is, she begins “to beat it back with her will”. But yet its force
is very powerful to oppose.

The story became sad from the beginning
to the end, it became upsetting to read because of Mrs. Mallard seem to be
happy about her loving husband death. Mallard thinks of her husband’s sweet and
soft hands and “the face that had never looked save with love upon her,” and
she realized that she did not finish pouring tears for him. But Mr. Mallard
made her see what no one made her see before and might never see it again with
herself alone.

As Mrs. Mallard did not accept her
husband’s death she would not be able to succeed in her life, like she wanted too.
But once she showed herself to see her true self colors of her life, freedom
started to approach her. Mallard fear and her uncomprehending stare are
replaced by acceptance and excitement. As Mallard feared her husband death she
still wanted to see her future and was excited for the “years to come that
would belong to her absolutely.”

The important passage of this story
as Kate Chopin described in her own words, is that Mrs. Mallard saw herself in
the future as her goal to become free. It was not about leaving her husband in
the past alone and forgetting all the memories they both lived but instead it
was having control of her life and no else could change that. Her soul and body
was her determination to freedom.

Kate Chopin wrote:

“there would be no one to live for
her during those coming years; she would live for herself. There would be no
powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women
believe they have a right to impose a will upon a fellow- creature.”

As Chopin wrote about right of women
and men, that they should be able to live their life if they do not have much
to live for. Mrs. Mallard and Mr. Mallard may have never spoke about their past
mistakes or current ones, they made have just had their own opinion on how they
actually wanted to live their life’s.

Mr. Mallard walks into his house and
opens the door healthy and alive, he was too late to see his wife Mrs. Mallard
die from joy of happiness of his death. Before the death as Mr. Mallard walked
in, Mrs. Mallard walked down as she was a goddess who won her freedom. Mrs.
Mallard began to become shocked and feel the fear her death as she glanced up
and shared eye to eye with Mr. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard’s doctors mentioned to Mr.
Mallard that his wife death was caused by heart disease which came from all her
happiness towards his death, as the reader, we can automatically determine
irony. It became clear through the passage that her death was from joy upon her
husband’s survivals, which she realized she had lost all her freedom and future
she had planned. Mrs. Mallard experienced a lot of happiness in managing how
her life could have been full of joy without her husband right beside her. It was
so strong of an emotion that led Mrs. Mallard to cross roads to her death.



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