The insights gleaned from agenda setting can enable media relations professionals to influence public perceptions through the media. Since the media relations professionals provide information to the journalists, the media agenda partially built on the content sent from media relations professionals. The media’s selection of certain frames was influenced by media relations professionals. The materials provided like press release will give media the valuable information to put on the agenda. The insights gleaned from the agenda setting enable media relations professionals to understand how gatekeepers decide what to put on the news agenda, which increase their chances of getting theirs on the agenda.    According to the reading, which indicates that the aspects projected the most by the public relations professionals were also projected the most by news media. Therefore, in order to increase salience of certain aspects in news coverage, the media relations professionals should emphasize more on the most essential attributes within their message. The insights gleaned from agenda setting is critical for media relations professionals. It is useful to analyze the way media influence the agenda, in order to better serve their organization. Media relations professionals can better promote their organization based on the knowledge of agenda setting theory. The insights can help the media relations professionals to understand the way media cover various topics. The insights also can help them to find out what media interested in. Therefore, media relations professionals can tailor the approach accordingly based on the insights to reach certain media. Since the media coverage is very crucial to organization, it’s important to interpret the reality and frame the issues in a way that can gain media coverage. The insights also enable them to give media the relevant and useful information which media interested in.  Media relations professionals can utilize the insights to shape their angle of their pitch. Media relations professionals can refine their messages considering what’s important and what’s interesting and give the media their side of story. The insights gleaned from agenda-building help media relations to know how to select certain aspects of reality and making them more salient, and how media select issues and specific frames to report.  According to the reading, media use a lot of episodic framing to generate interest. It’s important for media relations professionals to frame the content in a newsworthy way that can attract larger audiences like conflictual content. They can weave the insights into their pitch to make it more compelling. The insights can improve the storytelling ability of media relations professionals and encourage them to research different angles for different medias.  Media relations professionals can use the media as tools to frame an issue in a certain way, telling the audience what is important to know about and how to think about it. Based on the arguments made above, I think the insights gleaned from agenda setting and framing is useful to media relations professionals.  

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