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The color can be
described in terms of temperature. Color temperature helps to create depth,
movement, and mood. Warm colors are aggressive and appear to advance, cool
colors are passive and seem to recede. The wrong temperature in one area may
disturb the balance in a piece, but correctly placed warm/cool contrast can add
zing you need to your focal point.The spectrum contains
both warm and cool colors. yellow, orange and red are generally warm and green,
blue and violet are considered cool. This is the most easily recognized
distinction in color temperature. however, color temperature is relative. A
color that appears warm in one place may look cool in another. red-orange is
the warmest colors, so as you move away from it in either direction on the
color wheel, your colors will all seem cooler, until they reach blue-green,
which is the coolest color, then as you return from blue-green to red-orange,
your colors appear warmer.Colors move from warmer
to cooler. The top row starts with a cool red, but the temperature becomes even
cooler as it moves lower blue, stopping at blue-violet. That same blue-violet
begins the bottom row as the warmest color, moving toward a cool blue-green.
The temperature turns slightly warmer as the last chip picks up some green on
the other side of the blue-green.As a group, earth colors
are cooler than spectral colors because they are low-intensity, grayed versions
of colors. However, there are still noticeable differences in color temperature
from one earth color to another.

Observations on the
results of color on perceptions of area size and psychological response, noting
that cool colors like blue and green create the space additional quiet and
increase space, but warm colors like red, orange and yellow stimulation. additionally,
folks exposed to red and yellow colors according to higher levels of tension
than folks exposed to cool blue and green colors

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