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The Background of the Study            Thegeneral term ‘cosmetics’ is carried out to all preparations used externally tosituation and decorate the body, with the aid of cleaning, coloring, softening,or protecting the pores and skin, hair, nails, lips or eyes. Cosmetics are,consequently, merchandise supposed to be applied to the human frame forcleaning, beautifying, promoting splendor or changing the arrival with outaffecting the frame’s structure.Western international, the use of cosmeticsbecame distinguished within the center a while, commonly among participants ofthe higher training. although it is generally believed that cosmetics as theyare now acknowledged originated within the a ways East, the look at ofnon-commercial cultures shows using cosmetics in every a part of the world.Thewar paint of native Americans, the tattooing and scarification (making ofsuperficial incisions of the skin) practiced by many peoples (the Maori of NewZealand and numerous African cultures, for instance), and the use of woad (aplant dye used by ancient Britons to paint their bodies blue) are all forms ofcosmetic used for psychological intimidation of the enemy as well as adornment(Draelos, 2007). This large definition includes any fabric meant for use as anissue of a cosmetic product.

The FDA particularly excludes soap from thisunique category.According to (Cherry Chan,2005) In the Philippines, manufacturers andadvertisers are eager to tap into the youth market, especially when it comes topersonal care products. After all, the youth market is huge. In 2001, about 57percent of the population was under 25; 15-24 year olds made up almost 20percent.

Also, “me” products such as cosmetics, haircare, and beauty productsdo better with youth who are increasingly savvy, product-aware, and morewilling to pamper themselves. And they also have more disposable income thanolder demographics. Plus, their being Pinoy means they will spend more time ontheir looks than most other people on the planet. If much of that marketing isstill geared toward young females, well, girls have always been assumed to beconscious about their physical appearance. According to (Sunstar Zamboanga,2013) AS IT has been projected, GT CosmeticsManufacturing’s Mindanao market is getting bigger indeed. Taking off from thecities of Cagayan de Oro and Davao in 2005, GT Cosmetics slowly spreadpractically in all directions and now has made its presence felt in the City ofFlowers, Zamboanga.GT Cosmetics founder and national sales manager who hasforeseen the growth of the company’s market in Mindanao.

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Their loyal customers fromthe neighboring towns and cities, like Ipil, Pagadian, Dipolog, Dapitan, andIsabela in Basilan, need not travel far to buy their favorite GT productsanymore, since they are now available in nearby Zamboanga,” Salvane said.   

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