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My daughter has six toes. In a world where even the smallest measure of difference is a crime, to have an extra toe is like to wear a sign saying, “please kill me”. One boy has discovered the secret that we have so desperately tried to hide over these past eight odd years and it just so happens that this boy is the son of the most pious man in the town of Waknuk. He is but ten years old and at that age, it is common for a child to accidentally let slip of something he or she didn’t mean to.

He seems a trustworthy boy, though one can never tell, and he has given me his word, promising never to tell another soul for as long as he might live. I feel that we are not really in any grave danger. There is a presence about the boy that makes it very easy for one to trust him. Yet my husband will not rest. He is constantly on the look out for the authorities even though he too seems to agree that we are in no immediate danger. All I have ever wanted from God is for my child to be happy and to lead a normal life.

If even that small wish can not be granted, then it leaves me to think if there really is a God and if so, what kind of a God He is. The thought of living in fear and hiding for the rest of my life is an unbearable thought but if that is what it takes then that is what I must do, for my baby’s sake. I am at a loss: I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Yours Sincerely Crying in Waknuk Dear Crying in Waknuk, My heart goes out to you. We live in a harsh society where there is no sympathy for the less fortunate and the strong prey on the weak. I too had a child with a slight ‘deviation’.

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She was sought out and killed and ever since then I have realized that something must be wrong if it is considered fair for a defenseless baby to be thrown to the wild beasts in the fringes. Even though this boy may seem trustworthy, the fact is that he is the son of the most pious man in the whole of Waknuk and this makes both him and his father your enemy. Even if the boy isn’t so much as your enemy, his father will seem like the very image of the devil himself to you and your family. Do not lose total faith in God for He is the only one who may be able to help you now.

I suggest that you keep at least a few of your belongings packed together and kept in a dry, cool place in your house. You will need some water in some kind of a bottle and food which is light to carry and easy to eat e. g. bread and cheese. I also suggest that you keep a bow and arrows ready just incase you need to use some force on your journey. A gun is too heavy to carry, too difficult to re-load and too loud. Stay aware and if you really believe you can trust this boy, ask him to keep his ears open and to tell you if he hears anything that maybe connected to you in anyway.

Good luck. I will be praying for you and your family. Yours Sincerely Debbie Ramiya Kirupananthan Dear Debbie, Ever since I was a little child I would sometimes dream of a city (which is strange as I started dreaming about it before I ever knew what a city was). I would see shiny fish flying in the air, the buildings totally different to any I had seen before. I mentioned these dreams to my elder sister and she warned me not to tell anyone else of these dreams for as far as she knew no one else dreamed dreams such as these. I promised her that I wouldn’t and I have been true to my word.

However, I didn’t mention my other little secret. This secret was the curious understanding had with my cousin. I could tell how she was feeling, what she was thinking and I could almost talk to her in my head. I had never told anyone of this secret but one-day I was careless and I aroused suspicion. Thank the Lord that it was only my Uncle Axel that heard me and once again he has begged me to stay quiet. However, as I grow older, the harder it is for me to keep quite about this sense of mine and the harder it has become to hide it – especially since my younger sister, also has this ‘talent’.

However, hers is of a different kind. Something much more powerful than my cousin and I could manage. Since she is still very young, it is difficult for her to understand the importance of her being quiet about this different way of communicating. It is very hard for us to control her, as her thoughts are so powerful. Communicating in what seems like a normal, calm way to her could cause us to become brain-damaged. Even though it is hard for the authorities to find out about this quality we have, it isn’t impossible.

I don’t want to be thrown into the fringes but I know that if my own father found out, he wouldn’t let me live, let alone throw me to the fringes. What do I do? Yours Sincerely, Scared Dear Scared, This sense you have is amazing. It truly is a gift, (whether it is a gift from God or not is another question). But, you can be sure that if the authorities find out about you, your sister and you cousin, you will all be tortured to find out the whereabouts of others such as yourself for I am sure that you three are not the only ones with this quality.

You must realize that the authorities will be even more harsh on you three as you are an even greater threat to them than most deviations are as it is SO hard for them to distinguish between those that have this quality and those that don’t. Don’t drag unnecessary attention to yourselves by running away but keep things ready. I don’t think the chances of the authorities finding out about you are high but it is still safer to keep your ears open. Try to calm your sister down and make sure she realizes somehow how important it is that she doesn’t tell anyone about this sense that she has.

May God be with you. Praying for you, Debbie Ramiya Kirupananthan Dear Debbie, I am from a land, so different to this one that nothing seems to make sense to me here. I am on a mission to save these children with this gift of communication they have with each other. Yet, I don’t understand why they have to run away. I don’t understand why they authorities want them to die. Where I come from, this form of communication is considered to be essential. One thinks of it as more valuable than gold.

There is a small child who has the ability to communicate through this way to people on the other side of the world. That is truly amazing and the fact that she is so young too is quite astonishing. But now they are in grave danger. The authorities are after them and they are on the run. Our technology is quite advanced but I am still afraid I might not be able to reach them in time. Yours Sincerely Worried in Zealand Dear Worried in Zealand, You must try to understand that your culture must obviously be far more advanced than ours for the authorities to be able to tolerate a deviation of any kind.

It is very important for you to get to these poor children quickly before the Waknuk people do. They are probably heading for the fringes and the fringes are not nice places from what I’ve heard. Have confidence in yourself, I know you will be able to get to them in time. These children are much clever than most people realize; they are survivors and I totally believe that they will make it. They have to or all this trouble and hardship will have been for nothing. Good luck Worried in Zealand. May God be with you on your search.

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