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The Chorus of Antigone
The chorus was not only a major part of Antigone, but also the most
insightful portion of this play’s cast. The members of the chorus tell Creon
and the audience very important truths about themselves. Throughout the play
the chorus comments on Creon’s actions, and gives us all unbiased views on our
hypocritical species. Without a chorus Creon’s epiphany may never have occurred
and we wouldn’t have, as easily, seen our personal flaws. The chorus is
included in a very effective manner, the chorus talks about death, love, and
other unconquerable forces that humans eternally try to defeat, it shows the
audience great futility and lets us see the problems we face throughout life.

Creon changes greatly throughout the play, he starts as a best friend,
or someone out to help the common man, but later in the play he becomes more and
more ruthless as his power corrupts him. At about the time his degradation
reaches it’s climax the chorus interrupts with a song about death, how man can
control the most powerful of elements, and tame the wildest beast, yet death
still comes. He also learns through them some important things about love,
especially that it is unconquerable.

Through the chorus Creon begins to see that he is wrong and God is
superior to himself, but it takes a lot to shake his belief that a perfect
society is run by an unrelenting rule. This play also told me a lot about
humans in general, that the they aren’t interested in anything but the
fulfillment of their own needs, and that they refuse to see that something may
be more powerful than themselves. This revelation is the major theme of the
play and is very important in Creon’s growth as a person.

This play couldn’t have existed without a chorus, these singers give too
much to the structure of the play, without them Creon would never have changed
as a person and the play would have been much more ambiguous as to the
relationship of Creon’s problems to our own. With the help of the chorus Creon
learns that he is just a frail being in a world much greater than his own
pitiful kingdom. Because of this he becomes much more god-minded, and sees his
place in the scheme of things. This play is about loyalty to a much greater
power, and with the help of the chorus he sees the power he must follow.

This entire play runs around the chorus, who gives insight to the
characters, these actors provide the audience with knowledge about the human
condition, and entertain as well as playing many parts for the characters to
talk to. Without their odes, and paeans the play would have been incomplete.

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