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The promise of digital documents is not that of anend to paper, but the promise of new tools that enablehumans to collaborate in new ways 1, that enablesconsumers to get the information they actually need2, and tools that enables people to change theorganisation of the way they produce, store and retrieveinformation in documents 3. The Internet is the firstinfrastructure that enable these possibilities at a largescale. In this article the production of digital documentsfor the World Wide Web in three Scandinaviannewspaper organisations is presented and discussed.Newspapers are important institutions in thewestern world of today. As sources of authenticationthey play a central role in the writing of modern worldhistory. With a global computer network, the Internetor its successor, some expect this to change within ashort period of time (cf. 4, 5). Newspapers are turningto the WWW for several reasons. One possibility is theuse of it to gather information material and do researchwith the purpose of writing articles, another kind ofuse is the provision of a WWW service, in other wordssome sort of digital newspaper. This last approach hasgained much attention in the newspaper business andestimates spring 96 were that world wide more than800 newspapers provide such services 6.Introducing new technology into organisations canbe a rationale for change 7. This article documents apilot study of three World Wide Web publishing cases,the aim of the study being to investigate how WWWtechnology is used to produce digital documents andhow work is organised in relation to the documentsproduced. In this article we focus on the introductionWorld Wide Web publishing technology. The WWWcan also be used for information retrieval but is not thefocus of our study. As described by Blomberg, thesame technology can have different impact on work indifferent settings8, for which reason we have pickedthree newspapers to study.

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