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       TheManifest Destiny dealt with the westward expansion of the United States. Theterm was first used by John O’Sullivan, a journalist during 1845 who believedthat America was chosen by God to spread from Atlantic to the Pacific.  American settlers would expand westwardcreating a country that would stretch along the ocean.

Their main focus wasOregon, Texas, and California. There were many causes of people migratingtowards the west and exploring the unknown. For example, during the 19th century there was a high increase inpopulation that encouraged colonists to searchfor new land, others for wealth, and some just to obtain a better way ofliving. The Manifest destiny caused movements such as the Oregon Territory andthe Mexican American warIn the early 1800s Spain, Russia, Britain and theUnited States claimed the Oregon territory. Eventually, Russia and Spain decideto drop out, leaving just the Britain and the United States. They decided on apeaceful joint occupation until James K Polk came along. His mission was toexpand American across that continent and kick out the British. Eventually,James Polk decides to compromise, which leads to a division of the Oregonterritory, however, the United States receiving a bit more than Britain.

The agreementavoided war between them and ultimately resolving it in a peaceful matter. The United States, declared war on Mexico in 1846,after annexing Texas. The war was the first of which took place on foreign soiland took place in three different regions.

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It included Northern Mexico,California, and Mexico City. America defeated Mexico and Mexico ultimatelysigned the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty. Thetreated ceded California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and parts of New Mexico,Colorado, and Wyoming to the United States. The war between Mexico and Americawas not a peacefully, it ended the lives of many soldiers from both sides.

The Manifest Destiny I believe was not achievedpeacefully. I believe that it was rather a violent movement and done unjustly.The concept created war and was based on principles of ambition as far as I amconcerned. It caused for Indian tribes to relocate due to them being viewed assavages and uncivilized human beings. They invaded the land, and degraded thecultures of others.

It also contributed to the civil war A1 becauseof conflicts regarding slavery. In my opinion, the Manifest Destiny strengthenthe white race that divided the population. Over the end result of the Manifest Destiny did indeed expand AmericanA2 ;however along the way many non- Americans and even American were endangered oreven killed in order to achieve the goal.

My conclusion to thinking if the Manifest Destinywas worth the suffrageA3 of Non- Americans comes down to my conscience. Today the United States is anamazing country with many opportunities, but in my opinion, no money is worththe death of many innocent people. I understand that perhaps that would havebeen the only way to make America expand and be the land of the free, but it myopinion it was done morally wrong. I strongly believe that no amount of money,land, or any material aspect is worth taking the lives of others regardless ofnationality.

Overall the Manifest Destiny was an idea thatexcused people for doing bad things. They believed that God wanted them toconquer the land, and took whatever measure to do so. Ultimately in one way, itwas successful due to them actually conquering new land, but the measures takenwere notpeacefully A4 asthey tried to portray. Many people suffered along the way especially non-American people.  It contributed to manynegative events such as the Mexican American war, and the civil war.  The Manifest Destiny I considered to be morallywrong, however, I do have to say it did help America achieve their goal, whichwas to obtain land westward along the Pacificaand the Atlantic Ocean.


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