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The question that is still being contemplated in the United States is, should healthcare be required for all citizens? Me personally, I do not believe that all citizens should be required to get healthcare. Why? I do not believe it is the government’s job to interfere with the public life choices. Is it wonderful for everybody to have health insurance? Yes! Despite this, at the same time we should allow citizens to have free-will and make their decisions regarding health insurance and other matters.    “33 million people in the United States (10.4% of the US population) did not have healthcare in 2014 according to the US Census Bureau” (Right to Healthcare, 2017) This large number is alarming because this shows the amount of people that had to pay for their visits out of pocket or even in some cases people who probably didn’t even go to doctors because of the large bill they would receive. This is one reason why a portion of Americans stand behind the position of everybody being required to have health care. Requiring citizens to have health insurance could possible ameliorate health. With people having healthcare they are more likely to be proactive when it comes to their health. Another perspective is, what about college students or large families? It would ensure that these people would have access to affordable healthcare. Even though some Americans believe that healthcare shouldn’t be mandated, it is acting as a crutch to unexpected illnesses.    Another reason people want to have mandated healthcare because it is the right thing to do. People should be able to go to the doctor’s office or hospitals and receive valuable care without paying a large sum out of pocket. Even to go a step further what about the people who cannot afford it? Some Americans believe that those who cannot afford it should not have to choose between being healthy and being in debt from medical expenses. Everyone having health insurance is the humane thing to do.     For the opposing side of the argument, health insurance should not be required. A portion of the United States feel that it is unfair to the people who have healthcare to pay for the uninsured. “Americans shoulder much of the cost when their uninsured countrymen visit emergency rooms, after all.” (    Montopoli, 2009) With the cost of country’s insurance being split down the middle amongst the citizens it would be more costly. Some feel that people who are healthy and rarely visit doctors office or hospitals shouldn’t have to pay for those who are constantly in the hospital.    Having mandated health insurance is acting as aid to those who do not have insurance. One big issue is that it is breaking civil liberties. Many believe it is not the government’s job to interfere with citizens lives and require them to do something that pertains to their personal life. If citizens want to have health insurance then they will get it. With there being people who could possibly not afford healthcare they could receive government assistants like medicaid and medicare.     With this controversial topic going around it is very evident that there is no winning side. I believe that healthcare should not be required because I believe in the world people should have free-will to decide what they want to do. At the same time if healthcare doesn’t get mandated individuals will go without insurance, which could mean going without treatment. Either way the totem pole goes everybody will be affected in a positive or negative way.

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