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The students of senior high school system will be studying
the SHS subjects that will begin to show them to their chosen job path someday.
The graduates of this system are prepared to enter the employment field. And
because of this curriculum, the SHS students can concentrate in the field they
are good at and want to enhance more of their skills that will facilitate their
role in globalization. What is Globalization?

Globalization refers to the predisposition of
international trade, barter, investments, IT that will increase the level of
interconnectedness among the people of the world, their lives, work, and
families. This will help the economies and societies of every country to expand
and broaden. In this essay we will be tackling about the role of the SHS
students to globalization in the field of employment, development, and social

In employment, SHS students are expected to be more
prepared in entering the labor force. And because of the K-12 education system
the students will become more competitive among other countries. Even before,
Filipinos are known as competitive in the international community.

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These past few years, the consequences of
globalization for employment shows that unemployment levels have been higher
and employment construction have been slower. And it is because of the
macroeconomic policies that hassle the openness in trade, investment and
finance. Macroeconomic policy does not focus on developing employment
construction and supporting economic growth that’s why the level of
unemployment increases.

However, if the companies will have SHS graduates
they will now have efficient workers that will help their company grow. SHS
graduates are recognized as professionals if they work abroad because of the
international education standard that K-12 implemented. And because of that,
SHS graduates who aspire to work abroad will not have a hard time getting jobs
in their chosen field. And with that they can help their families build small
business and property purchase.


in school me thought about the things they have to know in order for them to
survive. In school, students face a lot of challenges but because of those
challenges they are able to experience life and provide a solution for their
own problem.

 According to fleet & Winthop (2010) a
youth would have to be globally competent in order for us to be globally competitive.
Global competency skills are compulsory so that youths can invent a brighter
future that will suitably address global challenges because educating youths
will help them to learn about the interdependence of the worlds system.

Being in school is
a big opportunity for us to know lot of things that the teacher thought us
helps us believed that solutions to global challenges are achievable and it will
broaden our mind to take responsible
action on the challenges that we are facing and that is the role of the senior
high school student’s globalization in the field of development.

In social consciousness, it is important that
students should be aware of what are the happenings here in our society. In
order for us to explore new ideas and experience new we have to communicate
with other people. Just like understanding other cultures, in that way you will
able to see options that would not have occurred to us before.

role of SHS students to globalization in the field of social consciousness is for
us to be able to prepare in the coming days. Because of the technologies the
students are aware of what are the happenings in the world. In that way they
can able to produce new ideas, actions, solutions that will be a help in

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