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brain lateralization assessment is meant to gauge if an individual is
left-brain orientated, or right-brain orientated. How it works is this: answer
ten questions and assign points based on the directions given indicate. If the
final score is high, that means the answers are more consistent with people who
are left-brain oriented. This means that the individual has strengths in tasks
that require verbal competence, analytical thinking, and processing of
information sequentially. The lower your score, however, the more the responses
are consistent with a right-brain orientation. This means that one would have strengths
in nonverbal areas, recognition of patterns, music, and emotional expression,
and process information globally.

my assessment I earned five points out of ten. This should mean that, with the
scoring system present, neither side of the brain is more prevalent over the
other. In other words, both sides are balanced. Even though this only a rough
estimate, I can’t say it isn’t entirely wrong. I would say that I have
strengths in both sides of the lateralization, even if they aren’t as a strong
as they could be if one side as more dominant than the other.

 The assessment for determining your memory
style provided is designed to help one figure out if they learn through visual,
auditory, or kinesthetic means. The way it goes about doing this is a multiple-choice
questionnaire of six questions. Each answer is given a letter that is to be
tallied once every question is answered. Which letter is repeated the most gives
a rough estimate how you learn best.

my assessment, I chose mostly V’s, which means I am more of a visual learner. I
would absolutely agree with the assessment. I have a much easier time
understanding material if I have a visual to go alongside of it. I would argue
that this isn’t the only way I can learn a subject, but it is the best way I
can go about doing so.

assessments can be applied to my life, both professionally and personally. I am
an artist, so dealing with visuals is a requirement to do my job. So, having a
brain that is more geared towards art is a good indicator as to why I headed
towards that career path. My mental strengths can also allow me to write stories
for the worlds I have to create. I wouldn’t say that my personal interests
guided how I matured mentally, rather, how my brain works is why I am headed
down the path I’m going down.

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