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THE SPHYNX CAT BREED IN A NUTSHELL:Origin: United StatesWeight: 8-10 poundsAverage Litter Size: 1-3 Sphynx per litterGrooming Needs: MediumEnergy Levels/Playfulness 10/10Life Expectancy: 15-20 yearsGood With Kids: YesGood With Other Animals: YesSphynx have wonderful personalities. They are also affectionate, mischevious and very social cats. They love nothing more than to be to be involved in whatever it is you are doing. They are energetic and have a playful nature. Sometimes you might find yourself thinking that they are part acrobat.Even though many people believe that these are “hairless” cats, this isn’t always true. When you pick up a Sphynx kitten for the first time they feel like a warm peach. This layer of fuzz can come and go throughout their life.They also need their ears cleaned.. You can use cider vinegar and a cotton bud, but you must take care that you don’t go too deep and damage their eardrum. Their toes and nails need to be cleaned also as they collect dark oily substance.Eyes should be wiped with a wet cloth as needed. Because these cats don’t have eyelashes the tears that they normally produce can collect in the eyes. If they are not cleaned it can leave an orange or black tear stain.Kittens can often have stained teeth. This discoloration is from the oil on their mother’s skin. Their adult teeth will come in pearly white!This breed is prone to Colds and other Upper Respiratory Infections (URI). This is especially the case if they become stressed. Situations, such as moving to  a  new home or being shipped. Normally they will overcome this on their own, but sometimes they will need to be put on antibiotics. As far as temperature goes, if you are comfortable your sphynx should be comfortable Always make sure that they have a blanket or that there is warm spot the your cat/kitten can snuggle under if the weather  is cold.Sphynx have a higher metabolism than most cats because they need to work a little harder to keep their body temperature warm due to the hairless factor. It is important to keep food and water available at all times so they can eat as much as they need to.Sphynx should be an indoor cat only. Due to the hairlessness, they can freeze and sunburn very quickly.Although they are rare, it has recently become one of the most in-demand cat breeds in the U.S.The Sphynx Cat and Owner AllergiesCat allergies in humans are triggered by a protein found in a cat’s saliva and oil glands and not by fur or even dander. That’s why some people with pet allergies can actually more sensitive to hairless cats than other breeds. That said, some people who are allergic to cats do tolerate the Sphynx breed better than normal coated cats.There is no scientific evidence that any breed or cross breed is more or less allergenic than any other cat.How much do they cost?The Sphynx is not for everyone and the cost one must pay to adopt a Sphynx is often a good deterrent for the less-than-committed. Being that they are a rare breed, quality Sphynx are very expensive. Breeders with Sphynx kittens for sale tend to command between $800 and $1,500 per kitten.Sphynx  Cat AppearanceSome say that the Sphynx has a face that only a mother could love and, truth be told, it takes a very special person to be taken in by these unique little cats. They have a modified wedge-shaped head which is slightly domed with nicely rounded contours.  And they have a flat plane just in front of their ears. prominent cheekbones and clearly defined whisker pads. Their muzzles are strong and rounded.Many breeders are of the opinion that these cats’ lemon-shaped eyes should match their skin tones in color. This cat’s ears are disproportionately large and broad, very similarto those of Siamese cats, and are set quite close together which creates a fanning-out effect over their head.Their tail’s have a long, tapered shape which feels hard to the touch. The tail looks a bit like a whip, and some have a fluff of fur on the end.Few people realize that the sweet-natured Sphynx is no more wrinkled than any other breed of cat, but there is something about the hairless appearance that either repels or attracts their human counterparts.Surprisingly, the Sphynx kitten is really not hairless at all. Picking one up, many are surprised by how soft, downy, and warm hairless kittens can be – in fact, they are best compared to a warm fuzzy peach in texture. It’s a sensation that makes you just want to cuddle them closer and, believe it or not, the Sphynx cat uses that to his advantage. There’s nothing that Sphynx kittens like more than snuggling.Another interesting and little-known fact is the wide variety of colors that the Sphynx come in. Found in a rainbow of hues, they are as beautiful and diversified as their furry feline cousins; any color and/or any pattern that can be found in felines including white, black, red, chocolate, lavender, various tabby patterns, tortoiseshell, calico, bicolor, and pointed and mink patterns. CharacteristicsThe Sphynx can look like it is hairless, although this not actually true. They have very, very short hair. Their skin should have the texture of Suede/Chamois leather. They might be covered with a layer soft hair that is often described as peach fuzz. Since sphynx cats don’t have a coat to keep them warm, they like to cuddle up against other animals and people; they will even get into their owners bed and sleep under the covers. Some can have whiskers and/or eyebrows, either whole or broken, others may be have none. Their skin is the color their fur would be, and all the usual cat marking patterns may be seen in Sphynx too.A Sphynx  usually has a  wedge-shaped head and a sturdy, medium sized, heavy body. Many of this cat breed develop a pot belly.TemperamentIf you think that this cat has an exotic and unique appearance. Then you won’t be too surprised to hear that their personality is in the realms of the unusual.Many people beleive that the Sphynx is made up from equal measures of cat, dog, chimp and infant.These cats make a great addition to any household. Follow family members around. And make a chirping sound when they are happy’Sphynx are very gregarious and considered the most friendliest breed of cat. They are full of energy and curiosity but enjoy moments of affection with their owners and love attention. The Sphynx has dog like traits, such as being social around guests and greeting their owner/s at the door. Sphynx Cat Health ConcernsSphynx are a very strong and healthy breed. When the breed was new a lot of breeders had concerns about their health. But it turns out that  the Sphynx is more robust than most purebred cat breeds. Sphynx  are just as vulnerable to  common feline diseases as any other breed and should be immunized in the same way. The Canadian Sphynx is recognized by cat fancy associations as being a healthy robust breed. Kittens are susceptible to colds and respitory infections  when they are new born. Due to their lack of fur.A reputable breeder will not release their kittens to a new home until they are at least 4 months old. This ensures that the kitten is mature enough to deal with a new environment.HistoryHairless cats have been reported since1903, and breeders in Europe have been working on the Sphynx breed since the early 1960s. It wasn’t until 1988 that the first female Sphynx cat was introduced to the UK having been bred in Holland and she was named Tulip. She was exhibited at several GCCF cat shows and was an immediate success with both breeders, judges and cat lovers alike.

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