The Life of AristotlePhilosophers are often times not given enough credit for the ideas or thoughts they incorporated in modern and old societies. One of the most influential, and arguably the best, philosophers is Aristotle. He highly influenced science, such as the logic behind the Scientific Theory using induction and deduction, and by successfully categorizing over 600 species of animals. Aristotle also influenced the key components and composition for poetry and tragedies such as epic poems. His ideas were immensely influential to the Renaissance, Reformation, and the Age of Enlightenment, and especially Greek and Roman thought.Aristotle, also known as “The Founder of the Field of Philosophy,” was born to Phaestis (mother) and Nicomachus on 334 in Stagira, Chalcidice in Northern Greece. Phaestis also gave birth to Aristotle’s brother and sister. Both of his parents came from traditional medical families, and his father was the court physician to King Amyntas of Macedonia. At 17 years old, after his parents’ death, he travelled to Athens and studied at Plato’s Academy. For two decades, Aristotle went to school and became a teacher at the academy, teaching both Alexander the Great and Ptolemy. His primary focus was on sciences and the like, especially with species. He successfully classified over 600 species of nature. To achieve this, Aristotle had to dissect animals to see how they were connected to other species, and he also saw how they functioned. Another thing Aristotle observed was the constant change of nature and geography, such as water movement and landforms. The observations he made were more focused on his natural surroundings, rather than theories, which was not very common for many philosophers and “thinkers” in this point of time. This brilliant thinker significantly influenced Christian curriculum and way of teaching, and also medieval Islamic Philosophy. Some ideas that he had were thought to be “foundations of modern scientific thought” and are the “primary way in how many arguments are created in logic discussion.”In my opinion, Aristotle is a very important character in history and the world would be really different scientifically without him. He was very intelligent from a quite young age, and was full of talent. Aristotle highly influenced philosophers in eras such as the Age of Enlightenment, the Reformation, and the Renaissance. These periods of time greatly impacted modern society. I think it was crucial that this brilliant man was born and created, as there is a lot of science that wouldn’t have been accomplished without Aristotle. 

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