The violence and bloodshed in these games

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The topic that I chose to discuss was other violent crimes in regards to those that are committed by juveniles. The reading has suggested that one-fifth of the crimes that are committed that are violent are committed with juvenile involvement. The data suggests that in the 1980’s the juvenile crime level was roughly a little higher than 20% when looking at more recent numbers the crime rate for juveniles has dropped to around 15% based off the plot chart. According to the reading it states that violent crimes are considered to be “aggravated assault, rape, and robbery…” which suggests that courts are not looking for crimes considered to be miniscule like a misdemeanor or trespassing.

The numbers for 2015 crime including juveniles seems rather low to me. With the amount of video games that include violence such as Call of Duty or WWE or even Mass Effect, I would have expected the numbers to be much higher because the children are seeing more violence and bloodshed in these games but the individuals within the game come back to life because in games people “respawn” in reality if you were to shoot someone multiple times they have a slim chance at survival.  

I do believe that if the definition of a violent crime were to be skewed we would see much higher numbers then those around 15%. Taking into account the amount of awareness being spread in most recent times, like the anti-bullying campaigns, I can grasp how the numbers would be this low yet I still believe that if the definition of a violent crime were to be changed the numbers would shift significantly higher.

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At the ages of 12 to 17, fitting in can be hard and trying to please those around you can be even harder. If we take into consideration social stigma of the society in which the teen is most around, you will be able to see correlating evidence that links juveniles to crime. Peer pressure can be a major factor in a juvenile’s behavior, if a friend of the teen is doing drugs and stealing the teen feels the need to be a part of said “cliché” meaning that they have no choice because it is what makes them acceptable to the society they are in. This is not an excuse for the behavior of the juvenile but it is something that needs to be addressed when these teens are being brought in on serious offenses/crimes.  Overall, I still believe that the statistics should be higher than what they are currently sitting at for 2015 based on the influences of peers, games, and other societal factors.  



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