The independent measures design was chosen for this experiment to avoid order effects that the participants might experience due to repetition.

Using two separate groups in the non-cued recall (NCR) and cued recall (CR) conditions, an independent measure was chosen. This design was implemented in such a way that it avoids the various possible effect on the participants such as fatigue or boredom due to repetition. Having a 48 list of words to remember is a long process, therefore with the help of this design, the effect can minimize as the participants just need to fulfill the recall just once.


Participants were randomly allotted in a different seat where each of the seat they sat in either had a cued or non-cued sheet.

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Effect the situational variables in the experiment. Fans were turned off, windows were close in order to limit any distractions.

Both conditions viewed 48 words in total as there 12 lists containing four words each.

Ethical guidelines were followed as most of the participants were under 18 years old and therefore were given a parental informed consent form before the experiment. Each of the participants was briefed before the experiment started and debriefed right at the end of the experiment was being conducted. It was clearly instructed that the participants had all the rights to withdraw if felt uncomfortable during the experiment and hence all the data being collected will be kept confidential as well. 

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