The way I see it a very open title for discussion and so in this essay I get to write whatever I want about well anything well nearly! Ive decided to write about the Beckhams.

Whenever I see the Beckhams in photographs or on the TV etc, which is rather often, I smile. That is smile not smirk or snigger or sneer. I smile because its good to see two young healthy people so in love. A lot of people are highly critical of the Beckhams but they say far more about themselves when they do, all of it bad. Who criticises Victoria for being to thin? People who are so self assured they think there better than anyone else. Who slams the Beckhams for being greedy? Not those who have spent their lives working selflessly for others but the money grabbers who are simply jealous of what they have.

People from privileged backgrounds cannot understand how a kitchen fitters son came to be living the good lie while they live life trying to scrape money together.

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Despite being called Posh there is nothing Posh about Victoria she was simply given the name the same as Sporty, Scary, Baby and Ginger making out that she is a self obsessed fashion victim (Shall I war the little Gucci dress the little Gucci dress or the little Gucci dress?) only an idiot would think that she was really like that.

We don not hate the Beckhams because they have lots of money
The Queen of England who is supposed to stand fro all, rides around in a gold couch and wears jewels on her head so heavy she is bound to have a creek in her neck. That is greed no matter how many countries she visits or how many tights she turns on.
I believe many people hate the Beckhams because they made it all by themselves.

The inherited rich the ones who think it is not what you know but who you know that matters that is who really annoys me born with a silver spoon in their months. They did not make it fair and square not through their own hard work and dedication. The Beckhams did not sponge off anyone or wait for a parent to die or trade off a famous name or good connections. This is why Victoria gets so much more attention drawn to her than say Palmer Tomkinson the sort of person who would be a nobody if they had not been related to a somebody.
Its hard to believe that two young successful people who are completely devoted to each other anger so many people much more than other celebrity couples. A beautiful young girl on the arm of some old man. Fine. A man who trades his wife in for a newer model. Swell. A footballer who beats up his wife or girlfriend. Give him an award. A successful gorgeous man who loves his wife and son. Get away what a wimp.
I think many people criticise David too much he is a confident young man who takes an interest in his feminine side wearing a sarong or thong every now and again.
Rich successful and sexy the Beckhams are above all happy. The Beckhams have been frowned upon for quite a while now for showing displays of happiness I consider those people to have no emotions. I think that is the one thing that makes Victoria and David better than other celebrities and that is why they get so much more exposure than anyone else.

All celebrities have a sob story about how they had an awful child hood and that is why they are gay/an alcoholic/or addicted to drugs. So many people are like this the Beckhams are not that is possibly another reason why people dislike them-they dont fit into a stereotypical celebrity role.

But even more than that people hate what I envy most not their mansion, their cars, their wedding photos or their matching outfits but their love for one another.
When we look at Posh and Becks we see a bullied girl and a shy boy teased about how he specks. Who through their own will and dedication became swans that both love each other and their son dearly. The Beckhams are the revenge of nerds turned prom King and Queen through their fame, love and money. Feared by the sour and loved by the sweet. Victoria and David are having their day in the limelight. I think they should be left alone and as my mother says If you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all.
I wish the Beckhams all the luck in the world and I hope I can be that happy one-day.

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