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‘The city is dying’ by Chai Yan Leung. Our corrupting city, Hong Kong, is not as good as the past ruling by Britain. ‘Most Chinese who have lived in Hong Kong in all likelihood have by no means given plenty thought to whether the Hong Kong government turned into an awesome one, nevertheless much less whether it measured as much as that of as excellent a central authority as viable in traditional expectations.'(Tsang, 1995) I agree with the view that British Colonial rule benefits Hong Kong in the ways of politics, economy and culture.


Reasons of Hong Kong has been benefited

British authorities afford the fundamentals political structures to Chinese. ‘the best authorities in Chinese expectation is one that is quick, truthful, sincere and paternalistic, imparting freedom of lifestyles to the normal human beings. The government which the British installed in Hong Kong in the 19th century changed into simple however green for what was required of it. there has been little, if something, in terms of a management that the non-disturbing Chinese language had predicted of the authorities which became no longer treated with reasonable excursion. As a long way as fairness turned into concerned, the Chinese are fulfilled. The ones Chinese who located themselves in a British court docket were generally treated pretty and judiciously.’ (Tsang, 1995)

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‘The period’s expansionist impulses involved advertising of global trade and enlarged flows of capital to Europe and US. Imperial ventures led to a series of naval bases from Aden to Singapore, which apart from their strategic value, promoted safer and large ocean commerce. In South US, British hobbies moved to attract the new republics into the British financial and political orbit with the aid of financing their state-building sports, imparting free alternate treaties, and helping the increase of liberal establishments. settlement schemes and get admission to the London capital market had been primary functions of England’s assist for its colonies.’ (Edelstein, 2003)


The new trend of entertainment and culture was brought to Hong Kong. ‘The English language has rapidly become the most popular language in the world. The Victorian British Law codifies the popularity of great team sports, for instance, soccer, ruby and cricket., and taught to Empire and many others part the colonies. These are sports in which the British rarely represent as ‘Britain’ and nowadays, do not often manage to win. This sporting world, with its ambitious national rivalries, also reflects an interesting aspect of the fall of the Empire.’ (McIntyre, 1998)


Drawback of British Colonial rule

The repute of the go out-entry frontier inspection organs as functional government has been installed inside the regulation which is a country wide regulation adopted with the aid of the national humans’ Congress, which has replaced the administrative act followed through the nation Council.14 Paragraph 2 of Article 4 of the regulation provides that exit-entry frontier inspection organs are accountable for imposing exit-access frontier inspection. moreover, the capacity of the exit-entry frontier inspection organs is improved to restrict the following aliens from coming into China: aliens with severe mental disorders or infectious illnesses which would possibly endanger public health seriously; unusual

 beings suspected of conducting unlawful or crook sports in China; normal beings suspected of conducting activities inconsistent with their visa types in China; unusual beings who practiced fraud or failed to have enough money the required value for staying in China at some point of the visa software. 15 most of these new provisions authorize the go out-access frontier inspection organs sufficient discretionary strength to prohibit those unusual beings who would possibly endanger public health, country wide security, public safety, or public welfare, from getting into China. (Lan & Shi,2013)



Crucial Points

The essence of sustaining Democratic rules, it sustains the society stability ‘This is a alternatively special grounding for political liberalism than the grounding provided by using alluding to the special difficulty of having to an good enough view on subjects of price. For one might suppose it as clean as pie to get the perfect view in religious subjects and yet agree with that each citizen need to have lots of space to determine this out on his or her own. therefore, residents have a moral responsibility now not to vote towards someone because they don’t like that man or woman’s faith, however even that is a none- forcible moral obligation. What Rawls needs to rule out is that the nation might make statements (or include ideas) denigrating one doctrine and who prefer another, so long as the doctrine in question is “affordable.” “Unreasonable” doctrines can be denigrated, and the state is required, to incorporate standards that denigrate it.’ (NUSSBAUM, 2011) This would lead to people to have more legitimate decision on selecting politician, ensuring the successful elected politician is intended to contribute to majority citizen and ensuring people’s daily life is secured.


Britain are experienced at buying and selling in harbour, that’s like minded to Hong Kong as being a Coastal town. ‘Britain’s income from transport became large because her alternate was huge: the fee of her internet imports in 1860 changed into approximately 30 in keeping with cent of the relaxation of the world’s exports and her share become nonetheless 17 according to cent in 1913. This excessive share become in part the result of free trade: the openness of the British marketplace endorsed the scale of the merchant marine that Britain’ transport was drastically use for no- British alternate, and the equal was proper of ‘overseas trade offerings’ (Cain & Hopkins, 2014)



As Hong Kong is well-known for being a modern globalized diverse city, there is a need to strive for an open-minded society. 


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