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empirical journal article goes into research regarding the connection between
chocolate and if it’s beneficial for the heart, specifically for those who have
atrial fibrillation, which means the study is targeting those who have an
irregular heart rhythm. The main point of the empirical journal article is to
determine whether or not eating chocolate is beneficial for those who suffer from
atrial fibrillation. The major findings in the study were that during the time
of the study, the people who ate servings of chocolate were found to have lower
rates of atrial fibrillation. Specifically having one to three servings a
month, two to six servings a week, and less than one serving per day was found
to lower the rates of atrial fibrillation. Some other major findings that they had
was when they split the data amongst men and women. There were lower rates of
atrial fibrillation when having two to six servings a week with men while with
women the rates were lowered when women only had one serving per week. Although
these numbers are very small and are depended on by the rates of chocolate consumption,
a person should care about these results because with further studies this can
be something that is really beneficial in the long run. Atrial fibrillation, which
is fast and irregular heart beat is something that affects a lot of people
currently. If further research continues and eating chocolate may lower the
rate of atrial fibrillation it would beneficial to the greater population
because chocolate is very accessible in the world.


            In the empirical journal article, there
are a wide variety of variables of interest. One of the variables of interest
that was given was giving different groups of people different servings amounts
of chocolate and measuring them per week. One other variable of interest is
they divided the study based on their independent variable as well which is
gender. By dividing the group into genders and seeing how which servings worked
for each gender, the study was able to compare how the intake of chocolate
works with both men and women and not a completely random sample. The study in
the empirical journal article is solely based on external methodological
characteristics such as gender and servings size per person. This does not
impact the study’s validity in any way although they do bring up in the
discussion that the chocolate being eaten should be taken in moderation.  


The New York Times pop science article attempting to solve the debate
that about whether or not chocolate is good for the heart raises some questions
on whether not it is NIH health standards for an actual news article. Although
this article is very brief it follows the NIH standards and gives accurate up
to date information for the author to back up their argument on whether or not
chocolate is good for the heart. The website for New York Times doesn’t sell
anything aside from possibly asking the viewer to make a subscription and the
article itself isn’t trying to sell an item that claims to be good for one’s
own health. Lastly, the article she uses to back up her argument comes from the
empirical news article and the author doesn’t do anything to twist or use the
words around. She simply states the argument as is and makes it easier for the
reader to understand the study and her argument. Due to these facts, one could consider
the pop-science news article a trustworthy source based on the criteria that
was put forth by the NIH. While the author’s argument may be very brief, the
author goes straight to the point in regard to the evidence from the empirical
journal article. Aside from the difference that this article is very brief and
concise and to the point, it hits the main parts of the empirical journal
article that it provides. The New York Times article hit the main results that
the study produced along with giving people the opportunity to understand what
the empirical journal article study is about. One major difference between the
pop science news article and the empirical journal article is along with the
results that were given in the pop science article, the author didn’t include
more results such as what the difference was between genders when testing for
lower rates of atrial fibrillation in the study. If someone were to read only
the pop science news article, they would not have a full understanding of the
study but would have a general idea of what the study is about. Since the pop
science news article doesn’t go into deep detail, people might not know the
full results or further testing that is needed to back up the information even further.

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With chocolate being the topic in
both the empirical journal article and the pop science article, it takes into
account how chocolate may be good for the heart and a good supplement in order
to lower the rates of atrial fibrillation. These two articles connect to the Health
Action Process Approach. Although this approach deals with a problem or a risk
at hand such as smoking, the idea that chocolate can possibly assist with
lowering the rates of atrial fibrillation helps the person to further take
action on dealing with the disease.


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