The assessment is a process carried out to

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The machine shop contains a lot of machinery and it is
very important that all hazards are not over looked. I will be using a range of
different, yet similar methods to identify the hazards within the machine shop
and I will be explaining how each of these methods help to subside and possibly
even prevent the potential hazard.

The first and most important thing I will do is take
regular hazard assessment surveys (risk assessments). A risk assessment is a
process carried out to identify potential safety hazards and to ensure that each
is properly understood. Furthermore, it is to check whether current precautions
and emergency plans are acceptable to reduce risks to a tolerable level, or
whether more action is needed. Finally, it is to highlight intolerable risks to
determine steps to overcome or eliminate them. I will take risk assessments of all
the equipment to ensure they are in good condition and safe to use, I will take
risk assessments of all operations to ensure that certain machinery and
equipment is used in the right way with the correct safety protective clothing
worn, and I will also take risk assessments and a task analysis of all tasks to
make sure they are carried out in the correct and safe way. This method is only
an observation however. The next method would be to look back at the accident
data records (A system of recording injuries, near misses and identified
hazards). This will allow me to check whether the hazard that caused the past
incidents have been dealt with and to find possible trends. I will investigate
all reported workplace accidents and incidents. This will help to find ways to tackle
the causes of health and safety incidents so that the accident rate can be
reduced. I will then check to see if all procedures carried out in the workshop
are safe, I will check to see If safety training and correct supervision is put
in place for the new fitter, if safety training and practice is for each new
piece of equipment and I will check to see if personal protective equipment is
worn during certain operations and tasks. The material safety data sheets will
also be looked through to identify the possible harm from hazardous substances
and precautions that need to be taken. The next method will be to do group
discussions involving everyone working in the workshop. We will talk about the
safety in the workshop which will be useful for identifying hazards and
recommending solutions. Group discussions are very useful because a worker
might have noticed a potential hazard that no one else had noticed. The next
step would be to do a safety audit. A safety audit is the collection of
independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the
total health and safety management system and creating plans for corrective
action. The main reason of a safety audit is to ensure compliance with health
and safety legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act etc. 1974
and the Regulations made under this Act. A safety audit ensures that the
systems put in place are working efficiently and are fit for purpose. I will
also carry out inspections on all safety procedures. For example, are there
suitable fire exits? Are they unobstructed? Do they open? Etc…

To conclude, the methods of identifying the hazards I
will adopt include risk assessments of all equipment, operations and tasks,
visual inspection of operations and equipment, checking accident data of past incidents
or near misses, safety audits, group discussions, inspections and a check of
the regulations and if they are all being followed. 

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