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significance of media in modern times can’t be overestimated. We are so used to
them that we even can’t imagine their existence without them. Thanks to the
media development, the 21st century can be called the century of the
information society. The media strongly influence the public consciousness and
behavior of people, promoting them to achieve certain goals. But one of the
actual question is: social media a good thing or a bad thing. Well there are
continuously two sides of everything and certainly it depends on your viewpoint
on how you see it. Consequently, the positive and negative factors
characterizing social networks need to be weighed carefully.

 The social media possess are extraordinary put
in the important of society. Currently, it is
the media give a great opportunity to get the latest and current news from any
part of the world, to learn about the situation in the world. It seems weird to
make friends with people you haven’t met however but social media gives us the
opportunity to extend and talk to new people. With that everyone can solve the
problem with asociality. You connection to with your friends and family
anywhere. I think it can progress human association by having points to
conversation and particular questions to inquire when you come into contact
with somebody you haven’t seen in a long time. Moment communication brings individuals
closer together in a speedier way to supply get to discussions in small to no
time. Also with all the focal points that social media has given, there are more and more people interested to become
online businessman. All of that can help us to solve the biggest problem with any
situation. Today, some countries considers social media and young people to be
the foundation of sustainable development. Because everybody may use social
media and new information technology to development.

systems have ended up a vital portion of numerous of us. However, social media
could be harmful when used to disseminate intolerance, hatred and extremism. Many
studies have shown that the extensive use of social media can actually cause
addiction to the users.  All through
their day, they feel to post something on their pages or check others posts as
it has gotten to be an imperative portion of our life. Then extreme use social
media can reduced the level of human interaction. Because of that the
interaction with other people has become effortless and people have isolated
their lives behind their online identities. That’s could actually just crush
many life’s.

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In conclusion,
I want to say that everybody has their own opinion about social media. Social media
stands somewhere in between bad and good. Of course, in the present day
world the media are the most vital and compelling device for the arrangement of
conclusions in society and have a colossal sum of strategies and ways of impact
on the open awareness not as it were of man, but of the whole state. Also
social media can be cause for war between human and technology.

“All media work us over completely.” ? Marshall McLuhan

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