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The world has recently been on the edge with increasing
tensions between North Korea and the United States and its allies primarily
South Korea and Japan with North Korea recently ramping up its missile
programme and nuclear tests under the garb of regime survival.


Kim’s regime claims that besides learning how to build they have also learned
how to miniaturize a hydrogen bomb (competent enough to fit on the new
Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) (ICBM), furthermore have also developed
a system skilful enough of delivering it, and this nuclear arsenal was recently
showcased to the world via various tests.


These actions
of the North have prompted a jittery American President who often seems ignorant
of the plausible repercussions of his words. The country has been notoriously
isolated since the Korean War. Their military is shockingly anachronistic with
wood powered trucks as evident from some recent leaked photos. North Korea is at the bottom tier of pretty much every
human development index in circulation, outdone only by few countries such as
South Sudan and Somalia.

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The question now arises as to how the nation got
sophisticated science for such atomic weaponry? World primarily points at India and Pakistan. A nuclear
scientist from Pakistan Abdul Qadeer Khan was alleged to have stolen
information on nukes from Europe and was arrested for transferring the same to
North Korea. Country conducted its first ever nuclear test with a Plutonium
Based bomb in 2006 and later on boasted by confirming that their borders are
now lurking with nuclear technology.


Since then the country has been conducting
various tests and to tackle this, UNSC imposed certain sanctions on North Korea
including certain economic ones that cut Pyongyang’s $3 billion in export
earnings by roughly a third.


South Korea and Japan till now have been subject to “Nuclear
Umbrella” of the US. But at some juncture North Korea will be competent enough
to target some of major US cities and Japan and South Korea have indicated
uneasiness over the “Nuclear Umbrella” if the US itself is some day comes under
the range of North Korean Nukes.



On comparing the armies of the North and the South, the
Northern has about three times the manpower of South but on the contrary North
is qualitatively inferior to the South.Qualitative superiority may help the
US-ROK armies to win many regular battles but once the supply of US-ROK
precision munitions gets exhausted the armies could lose much of their
qualitative advantage.



The Kim dynasty has gathered these military abilities to
dissuade a likely US action against them. To impede this development is a
mammoth task as some theoretical measures (like the economic sanctions which
are only partially implemented by China) are unlikely to stop North Korea. The
country is working is working in an almost unstoppable way and has almost 5,000
to 6,000 artillery and rocket launchers within the range of South Korean


have further escalated by the US Presidents recent addresses where he has
openly laid threats of “destroying North Korea” which was also demonstrated in
Trump’s speech at the UN, where instead of calling for peace, he called the
Korean Dictator “Rocket Man” and threatened of “destroying North Korea”.






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