The French surgeon Ambroise Paré. He was

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The Renaissance era in
France started in 15th to finish in the mid16th century. It was characterized
by a steep development in science, humanitarians, and art.

The origin of the
Renaissance era was the discovery of the printer by the German Gutenberg. This
discovery allowed an easy access to knowledge by anyone. Before that, knowledge
was under the monopoly of clerks and elites. The discovery of the printer
changed that situation forever.

Before the medieval ages,
warriors and kings used to be the elites. However, in the renaissance era
scientists and humanists became the new stars of that time. One of the most
famous figures of that time was the French surgeon Ambroise Paré. He was a
battlefield surgeon and he created many surgical instruments used until now. He
was the first to do an artery ligation. Furthermore, he was the personal
surgeon for the King Henry II and his descendants.

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Humanism and literature
developed in a dramatic way during the reign of King Francis I who reigned from
1515 until 1547. He encouraged art and invited Leonardo da Vinci to France. He
used to collect paintings for many masters such as Rafael and
Michelangelo.  Furthermore, He ordered
“La Pléiade”, a group of 7 French poets to use their art in order to improve
the French language and create its standards for the first time. They
contributed greatly to the creation of the modern French language.

François 1 encouraged the
Renaissance style of art in France. Furthermore, he also built fine Renaissance
buildings in many locations in and around his capital city. The most
magnificent examples of early French Renaissance architecture are the royal
château at Chambord, in the Loire valley, and the rebuilding of the royal
palace at Fontainebleau south of Paris. The design of the château at Chambord
is attributed to da Cortona, though it is also suggested that Leonardo da Vinci.
For Fontainebleau, François relied on the French mason Gilles le Breton, and a
French architect Philippe Delorme, who had studied in Italy.

To summarize, the
renaissance era in France was the age of a great development in art, science a
literature. However, it was only the prelude to the Age of Enlightenment with
greater development that will not only affect France only but the rest of the

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