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Untouchability is not only into the religious system, it’s also in economic
system. Indian society has been divided into several categories based on the
caste system. A huge population of India has been living in severe condition of
poverty and deprivation situation. This situation is very worst and has been continued
over a long period of time. And the outcomes of caste hierarchy are the economic
poverty and deprivation of various communities of Dalit. They are living with
severe economic problems and discriminated for assessing the resources. These
types of problems have been unsolved for hundreds of years. Various
intellectuals from economics fields must consider on this reality seriously and
conduct various studies in this regard. Such effort may bring some constructive
solution. Therefore, the understanding of economics in India must be changed.
Economics must be linked with social and economic reality of the society. The researchers
in economics of Dalit’s may explore various economic problems and may give
constructive solution. The economists, policy makers and academicians in India
must think positively. In fact, there is a need to introduce such subjects in Indian
syllabus at graduation and post-graduation levels. The government must also
give proper incentives for such studies. As a whole, the social and economic
condition of Dalit would be improved along with the academic expansion of this
branch of economics.

exclusion has been practised in various situation such as in
agricultural/shop/room land market through denial of sale and purchase or
leasing of land/room, in the labour market through denial of jobs, in the
capital market to denial of access to capital, in consumer market through
denial in the sale and purchase of commodities and goods. The respondents
shared that they have to face discrimination in trading market like the land
owner denial to give a shop to them or few of them demanding money for security
base. In this situation, they have borrowed the loan at high interest rate.

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