The and giving privilege to renewable energy generators.

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The use of
fossil fuels has enabled various mass production, and this has brought about a
remarkable development of humanity. Fossil fuels have certainly helped us, but
the environment has been destroyed by the use of fossil fuels, and the oil
reserves is limited. Now the international society recognizes the importance of
developing renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.


Saudi Arabia
is the world’s largest energy source with abundant fossil fuels and resources.
It is the world’s second largest producer of crude oil, accounting for 13% of
the world’s total oil production. However, due to low oil prices, the
government’s fiscal revenues in 2015 were 15% of GDP deficits. Saudi Arabia
recorded an average annual sales income of more than $ 300 billion over the
period 2010-2013, but has dropped to $ 150 billion since 2014.


Saudi Arabia recognizes solar energy and wind energy as an important energy
resource after depletion of oil and gas, and has set a target of 9GW of
renewable energy production in 2030. But even if this project succeeds, the
proportion of renewable energy sources to total energy production would be
about 4%. Many countries, including Saudi Arabia, still have a long way to go.
Thus, to solve this problem, not only the effort of each country is needed, but
also the help and cooperation of the international community.

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This delegate
believes that each country should first make efforts to distribute renewable
energy through institutional improvements. The countries have to encourage
businesses and organizations to increase the use of the renewable energy by
supporting and giving privilege to renewable energy generators. In the process,
because of the jobs that are created in the process, the economic situation of
each country could improve, too.


And then international
society should cooperate, for the resolution of the problem. Countries can form
a cooperating body, which is for conducting research for development of
renewable energy. Countries in this organization will have the responsibility
to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the entire generation. And
for countries in this organization, economic and technical support is available
if needed.


This delegate
thinks that the development and research of renewable energy should be
activated. In particular, energy markets in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
and North Africa are highly dependent on oil and power consumption is growing
at a rapid pace. Thus, renewable energy can be a countermeasure against the
risk of depletion and reserves of fossil fuels. In addition, the expansion of
new and renewable energy projects can help revitalize the economy because of
the spread of a large number of jobs.

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