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The Amish religion is known for their ardent faith, devotion to physical work, man-made carpentry, and to a great degree unobtrusive ways of life. They live on no electricity mostly candles and no vehicles mostly bikes or horses. They believe that the more you work the less trouble you will be in, keep yourself apart from the world , not to make life to easy for yourself, and makeup, nice clothes and jewelry are not good for the Christian mind. When the Amish children become 16 years old they begin a period known as rumspringa. They can leave from Amish rules and guidelines and explore  the “english” world. During rumspringa the person has a few months to several years to decide whether they want to join the Amish church or not. It is a hard decision for many because they are either going to change everything they were taught from their childhood like the different lifestyles and environment and lose family that are part of the Amish church if they do change. If they choose to join the church they are expected to follow all the teachings and rules for the rest of their lives. In the documentary “Devil’s Playground”, it fixates on chiefly 2 fundamental characters and their communications with others all through the Amish group. The principle character is a kid named Faron Yoder, and 18 year old preacher child. Faron was intensely doing drugs and dated an “English” young lady in the start of the documentary. He was later captured for drugs and associated with a set up to keep away from his correctional facility time. After he was uncovered to be required with the set up, he needed to part ways with his American sweetheart and move back in with his Amish family. He tidied up and found an Amish sweetheart, Emma. Emma chose not to rejoin the congregation and moved to an Amish people group in Florida. Faron and Emma separated by then in light of the fact that Faron needed to rejoin the Amish church. Faron, at that point, gets once again into drugs and celebrating. He later moves to Florida to be with Emma and tidy up. The documentary does not show weather they get back together or if they separate.Another principle character was Velda. She felt extremely discouraged amid Rumspringa and ended up coming back to the Amish church. In the wake of returning she chose that the Amish life was not for her and she cleared out. She was evaded from her family which she accepts was their last method for demonstrating her that they adored her. She lives without anyone else, works for herself, and was acknowledged into a Christian school in Texas even though she had no high school experience. Velda is exceptionally required with the Christian Religion, yet asserts that the unbending Amish life discouraged her. She doesn’t have much contact with her family, yet she doesn’t complaint or regret leaving the congregation. I did not know about Rumspringa before this film and watching it made me feel for the Amish and the challenges they face during this time period. Everything they experience is different and they are open to many more things when they leave the Amish community and leave the beliefs and values they were taught their whole childhood behind. They begin to drive cars and experience drugs/alcohol, and even wear what “English” people wear; especially if a girl instead of wearing an apron it might be the first time wear jeans and a shirt. During rumspringa the Amish are put in the position of regular “English” people are in everyday and get to try things that they wouldn’t be able to ever try if they joined the Amish church like drugs or wearing jeans. Overall I look at it as a optimistic thing because they get to try both roles before committing to one. In Velda case she did decide to leave and the things that she did in life like going to college wouldn’t happen if she did commit to the Amish church.  During Faron’s rumspringa experience he doing drugs and dated someone out of his Amish community and with that experience it ended badly with his going to jail and his heartbroken and he returned to the Amish church. They’re urged to try and investigate even the smallest things like going to watch a movie in the theatre. The thought is that teenagers will return to the congregation subsequent to tasting the cutting edge world.

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