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       The Great Gatsby: Gatsby as an Admirable ManPerhaps the most important aspect of a character’s personality is whether he or she is an admirable person. Sherlock Holmes, for example, is a great character because he tries his best to investigate crimes even at times of difficulty. In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence is admirable because he gives the two lovers support and tries to help them to be together. The Friar is a holy man who is respected by others and was the only person who cared about Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. In the majority of classic literature, an admirable person is always loyal towards others, committed to their dreams, and makes the decisions by themselves.  This is the case with Gatsby. One of the reasons why Gatsby is an admirable man is that his positive qualities outway his negative qualities.Admittedly, even though Gatsby was living the American Dream, money could not make him satisfied. Gatsby used his wealth to make Daisy Buchanan fall in love with him but sadly died without her love.  It is obvious that Gatsby’s money did not come from inheritance, but from organized crime. His shady “business” with Meyer Wolfsheim and the failure to explain what he works as shows his mysterious lifestyle. When Tom talks about Gatsby, he says that “He and this Wolfsheim brought up a lot of side-street drug-stores here and there in Chicago…” (Fitzgerald 133). Gatsby illegally acquired enough wealth to win Daisy’s heart, ultimately thinking that money would help him obtain his goal. However, Gatsby is arguably admirable because he is loyal, especially during a time where people only cared about luxury.  His loyalty strikes against the deceitful, materialistic, and dishonest American society. Even Though he gained his money illegally, lives in an extravagant mansion, and drives a Rolls-Royce, he is also loyal towards daisy and has a genuine love for her. An example of this is when Nick asks if Daisy was driving and Gatsby replied by saying “Yes…but of course I’ll say I was” (143). When Daisy accidentally runs over Myrtle while driving his car, Gatsby takes the blame for her. He certainly shows a courageous act of love and loyalty towards Daisy. Despite Gatsby’s wealth, he is candid and loyal towards the women he loves.Everything Gatsby did was for the purpose of fulfilling the most unrealistic dream. By being so focused on Daisy, Gatsby went further into striving for a meaningless goal. He wanted to forget about his past, yet lived his adult life trying to retake the only past he had with Daisy. When  Nick says to Gatsby that he can not repeat the past, Gatsby replies by saying, “Why of course you can” (110).  The famous poem, “The Hollow Men” by T.S Eliot, is about all the materialistic things people desire the most, which never last and soon turn to dust and ashes.  The poem clearly illustrates how Gatsby loves the idea of Daisy, but not her in reality. This indicates Gatsby’s unattainable and worthless dream that results in the hollowness of his life. But the quality which makes Gatsby great is that he had the determination to make his dream a reality. Gatsby was determined to get Daisy back and did everything he could to achieve his goals. His ability to hold on to his dreams and to win Daisy’s heart is what he lives for. An example of this is when Jordan says that, “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay” (78). Every party Gatsby threw was all a plan to bring Daisy back into his life. He was willing to sacrifice everything to obtain her. Another famous poem that indicates Gatsby’s determination is “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor. The mansion that Gatsby build for Daisy is similar to the pleasure Dome made for the damsel in the poem. In this case, Daisy is the damsel and is the one who motivates Gatsby to follow his dreams. Gatsby illustrates the best examples of determination as he refuses to depart from his dreams, regardless of all the negative outcomes. Jay Gatsby believed that anyone could be successful if they just work hard enough to strive towards their dreams. Lastly, Gatsby shows his admirable traits by being faithful to the end. To be perfect in the eyes of Daisy, Gatsby imagined an ideal version of himself. He tried to suppress the world by forgetting his past and become a whole new character. An example of this is when Nick says that, “The truth was that Jay Gatsby… sprang from his Platonic conception of himself….He was a son of God…and to this conception, he was faithful to the end” (180). Nick refers to Gatsby’s ideal platonic conception, which is a theory presented by Plato. According to this theory, every object or being has a perfect illustration which is based in this world. He was able to successfully create a new person for himself, by leaving his home, changing his name, and forgetting his past. By having a great amount of faith, Gatsby forced himself into an ideal image for Daisy and was faithful in this conception. He also portrays himself as the “son of God” as if he will someday become someone of a high status. Gatsby showed faith in himself by being truthful to his conception, regardless of what may stand in his way.Thus, One of the reasons why Gatsby is an admirable man is that his positive qualities outways his negative qualities. This is true for three reasons. Firstly, Gatsby is loyal especially in times of corrupt social values. Secondly, he dedicates his life to making his dreams a reality. Lastly, Gatsby shows his admirable traits by being faithful to the end. Although Gatsby may have many flaws, his admirable character show others who he is and what he stands for.

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