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      The Merchants of Cool is a film that shows
the life of millennials from a sociological perspective. The film took a
sociological approach by filming what is happening in the everyday lives of the
youngsters as the future approaches them. The main concepts of sociology is to
study human society and social behavior which are viewed in this film at
different situations in different outlooks. This paper will analyze the
following sociological themes (culture, socialization, social groups, social
institution, and social interaction) based on what was portrayed in the film.
This film uses micro- and macrosociology examine schools, malls, and explore
the “next big thing” that will catch the attention of their target on
determining how society works from a range of topics at different levels of analysis.

      Based on the film, the Merchants of Cool,
it can be seen that the millennial cultural practices are different from how cultural
practices were practiced in the past. This can be understood from examining
what they like, value, and practice daily. It can be seen whereby youths enjoy
themselves together through parties and social events, and also takes pleasure
in purchasing stylish or “cool” clothes. The culture millennials have today is
different from that of their parents. The youth culture consist of what they think
work the fastest by having a large support system. As the internet advances and
the accessibility of communication become less complicated among people in
society, this allows teenagers today to form authentic cultures that are not
tainted by the amounts of undeniable inconsistency.  “Coolness” for teens corresponds with the
culture of media and is extremely difficult to separate because culture within
the media and social media world is where they get there “coolness” from.

      In this film, I witnesses how the youth enjoyed
socializing with one another and what it consist of.   Youths
are seen meeting socially in dance places, shopping centers and friends’ homes
where they enjoy meeting and hanging out with one another.  In the film Merchants of Cool, one of the boy
is seen dancing with multiple girls who did not work in the past. The social inequality
among youths now days in nonexistent. Like portrayed in the film, millennials do
not differentiate or discriminate among one based on gender and sex. It can be
seen that boys and girls treat each other equally even though gender
superiority does not really exist in the new generation. Fifty percent of the
youths who are twenty years old and above are single and live alone or with
parents. Young adults chooses to do this because they still want to want to enjoy
themselves whenever they want. The ones who live with their parents tend to
what they want even thought they might have restriction they are subject to. Youths
in the film are divided into two social groups, one being high class and the other
group being low class. There is a high class social group which consist of youths
that have enough wealth to get what they want in life. Then the low class social
groups which consist of youths that little to no cash to purchase what they
desire. They are all the same and they do not discriminate on one another based
on their different social groups.

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      The symbolic interactionism is a theory
that allows us to understand the processes by which social orders and social changes
are constructed. This applies in a case where individuals, organizations, or
nations meet or interact in one way or another as a process to develop a symbol
of their interaction. In the Merchant of Cool, the youths are seen hanging out
and interacting in different occasions and places. The primary ways which
youths socially interact include; games, parties, celebrations, academic
institutions and working places. In this case, the symbolic interaction theory
is relevant. The teens form a group and diverse social structure that can only
be characterized into what they do, what they eat, what the wear, what they
have and what they watch. From this film you learn that almost seventy-five percent
of adolescences have similar views about different things that going on with

      Postmodernism is a theory that
encompasses a wide range of areas from art and architecture, music and film, to
communication and technology to address social topic and other questions. This
theory consist of a paradigm that suggests that social reality is diverse,
multicultural, and constantly changing. Outlets like the television, movies,
and radio were plagued with marketing outlines designed to sell products under
the appearance of authentic music and entertainment. Big marketing companies
such as, Disney, MTV, and AOL Time Warner have learned through cool hunters on how
they can set the trends based off what they see teens doing. This theory goes
hand in hand with this film because it shows how we use music, film, and technology
to understand the sociological perception of youth. 

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