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The world today is
revolving around technology and without it the survival of human life almost
seems impossible. Technology has forced the way organizations operate these
days and information is the key factor for the decision makers of these
organizations to decide on the policies, strategies and other technical
decisions based on the available data and analyzing the data using technology

IT is a major part of
almost every organization be it public or private and without proper governance
companies would incur huge loses. So, IT governance plays a crucial role in
achieving organization goals and meet its business requirements. According to
the IT Governance Institute (ITGI, 2006), the term IT Governance can be defined
as “an integral part of enterprise governance and consists of the leadership
and organizational structures and processes ensure that the organization’s IT
sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives” (Altemimi
& Zakaria, 2015).

Since the businesses
are expanding day by day its IT is getting intensive and more complex. The
reasons behind for this is due to the expansion of business processes and
models requiring more IT involvement and adoption of new emerging technologies.
Although the involvement and investments on IT is very high the return value is
almost none or relatively low. To overcome this situation and maximize the
returns IT governance must be the top priority of a CIO of any organization.

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Some of the important
points from the Cognizant’s IT governance model

Align IT governance with corporate
governance and business objectives.

CIO of the company should focus on increasing the transparency for corporate
management and also ensure that all the business objectives are met. IT
governance of the company should be aligned with its business objectives in
order to maximize the returns and simultaneously reducing the business risks

Define IT governance objectives around
strategic alignment, value delivery, risk management, resource management and
performance management.

Align the business strategy and IT strategy
and focus should be on the improvement of the business priorities

Return on IT investments should be

Identify and reduce any IT risks from
time to time

Assure that there are enough resources
to meet the present as well as future demands of the project.

Establish continuous tracking,
monitoring and improvement of the IT governance model

order to achieve maximum benefits from IT governance organizations should set IT
governance as a priority and make continuous improvements to adapt to the
changing business needs while monitoring frequently. Also all the senior staff members
need to suggest ways to improve the governance model  

a successful IT governance model has always been difficult. With problems
ranging from developing processes and infrastructure to support governance
model and getting all the staff members on to a single platform to follow the
governance plan. To ensure IT governance is successful organizations have to
come up with a plan to provide training sessions for the staff and offering
incentives to ensure continuous reinforcement and better compliance. 

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