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The civil rights movement was the movement that focused on the sole purpose of ending racial segregation and discrimination and the laws that were legalized to make those things possible in the United States.  This was the movement that was characterized by the major campaigns of civil resistance between 1955 and 1968.

  During the movement there were acts of civil disobedience and nonviolent protests that created a lot of problems between activists and government authorities.  All types of governments, communities and businesses had to respond quickly to these situations a lot of the time, which showed a lot of unfairness to all African Americans in the United States.  The Emmett Till lynching and his mother’s choice to have an open-casket at her son’s funeral had the African-American community ready to move, nationwide.  There were different forms of protests and acts of civil disobedience that included boycotts such as the famous and successful Montgomery Bus Boycott during 1955 and 1956 in the state of Alabama.  There were other acts such as “sit-ins” that were incredibly influential such as the ones in Greensboro during 1960 in North Carolina.

   The Nashville sit-ins in Tennessee, the Birmingham Children’s Crusade and Selma to Montgomery marches during 1965 in Alabama were other forms of protests that were part of a wide range of other nonviolent activities.The 1960s civil rights movement had Congress involved to get things moving and overturn all discriminatory practices.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned all types of discrimination that was based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin when it came to employment practices.

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  This ended all unequal applications for everyone who wanted to register to vote and had to pass all the requirements to do so.  This act also prohibited racial segregation in schools, places of work, and in other public places.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 restored and protected minority voting rights. Government authorities made sure that there would not be any problems for minorities especially in areas that were not for them.  The Fair Housing Act of 1968 banned all discrimination in buying, selling and renting in the housing market.   African Americans were able to re-enter politics in the Southern part of the United States, and all across the country.

  The younger generations of people were inspired to take action.Andy Warhol painted “Race Riots” in 1963 wanted to give a sense of ugliness and a disturbing effect on what was the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960’s.  This painting originally was supposed to be a part of a series of paintings. During this time Andy Warhol was preparing for a pretty big exhibition being held at the Sonnabend Gallery in Paris, France.

  Warhol was very anxious to avoid a charge of mass-consumerism because this was his first major exhibition in a different country, he originally chose a theme that he initially called Death in America. These paintings were supposed to depict such visuals like car crashes, suicides, food poisoning, the electric chair, gangster funerals, and the Atom Bomb, and this series was to be known as the Death and Disaster paintings. He later explained what made him start this series in an interview.

  “I guess it was the big plane crash picture, the front page of a newspaper: 129 DIE. I was also painting the Marilyns. I realized that everything I was doing must have been Death. It was Christmas or Labor Day—a holiday—and every time you turned on the radio they said something like, “4 million are going to die.

” That started it. But when you see a gruesome picture over and over again, it doesn’t really have any effect.”—?Andy Warhol, ARTnews 1963.  Faith Ringgold painted “God Bless America” which is a representation of the emotional and physical torture that African Americans had to go through prior to and all through out during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s. This work of art had a lot of ties to the population’s culture during the 1960’s.   That art piece also can also certainly be applied to today in the year 2018.

  This piece of history has quite a bit of significance of what this piece of art shows us and what it means to us as people today.  Faith Ringgold made this painting by showing us the struggles of her community and of herself.  African Americans such as herself were facing such turmoil while they were trying to gain equal rights from the white American culture.

  She also wanted to show a darker side with this painting.  Like Warhol she wanted to show how ugly this time was for blacks during the Civil Rights Movement.  In a way this is a form of protest against the crimes against good people.  In conclusion these two artists have shown us that through art they can make us see what they are seeing through what they have created.  Paintings tell us all a story about something in the end.  In this case these artists were trying to tell us that there is a lot wrong with what was going on during the Civil rights movement and that there are people that are being treated extremely unfairly because of the color of their skin and for no reason what so ever.  The Civil rights movement was a very significant time for the United States because it is now known as one of America’s national shames.

  Through art, these artists were able to tell us the story of what they felt like because of what was going on at the time.  

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