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The song “I Fall Part” was written by Post
Malone. Post Malone is an emotional rapper and most of his songs are based on
his life experiences such as failed relationships, which is what this song is
about. The tone and theme make the song a contemporary R&B or an
alternative hip-hop song. The theme is about a bad breakup that the rapper
endured and, by using a soft tone and piano in the background, helps people
connect to this song in an emotional way.

The lyrics to this song can make any human
with a soul cry their eyes out. When I first listened to this song I felt it in
my soul, the song sends a strong message about the aftermath of break-ups. Like
the verse “She told me that I’m not enough, yeah. And she left me with a broken
heart, yeah. She fooled me twice and it’s all my fault, yeah. She cut too deep,
now she left me scarred, yeah. Now there’s too many thoughts goin’ through my
brain, yeah. And now I’m takin’ these shots like it’s Novocaine, yeah.” The
message this song sent was received well by a lot people.

Fall Apart” is a part of an album, “Stoney”, which was an album about some bad
break-ups and certain lifestyles. The whole album was mostly in a soft tone and
depressing. The lyrics of this song brought out type emotions out of every
person that listened to this song such as sadness, anger, indignation and
disgust. The song lyrics and the aesthetic content worked together.  The record label that signed Post Malone and oversees
the album release is Republic Records which was formed in 1995 by two brothers,
Avery and Monte Lipman. The producer of this song is Carlo Montagnese, but he
is famously known as Illangelo. Illangelo is a Grammy Award-winning Canadian
producer, songwriter, musician and mixing engineer who came to attention as a long-time
collaborator of The Weeknd. Illangelo and Post Malone came together and made a
masterpiece. Post Malone built his reputation as a soft tone rapper, people
friendly, goofy and a very emotional person. 
Every person that listened to this song can relate to this song in a
way. People go through break-ups and divorce every day, so when this song came out
it brought so many new fans for the artist. The song was initially released in
2016 but it didn’t go viral until 2017 when a fan posted a video of the artist
singing this song at his concert on twitter and it quickly became a hit. People
across the nation were listening to this song and it soon became the number one
song on the radio.

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To me, “I Fall Apart” is one of the best
songs in 2016 and 2017 because it helped me cope through issues that I had.
This is one of Post Malone’s best work. You can feed off his energy and
emotions when you are listening this song. Music makes life a little easier. 

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