The duties within the operating room. The working

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The occupation of an ST involves a variety duties within the operating room. The working conditions of an ST are stated in Explore Health Careers (n.d.), the surgical technologist works with other medical professionals during surgical procedures. Since they are constantly in contact with patients and staff, it is required to wear a gown and gloves for sanitary reasons. The attire is used as protection from the exposure of diseases. When they are not in the operating room, Innerbody (n.d.) states that they According to DeLaet, R. (2013) and Ecpi University (n.d.), a surgical technologist prepares for an operation by setting up and counting the equipment and instruments that are going to be used during surgery. They are under the supervision of the surgeon and aid them by passing them the right instruments. When surgery is finished, the ST transports the patient to the recuperation area. Finally, they clean up the operating room and prepare for the upcoming surgery. In order to become an ST, there are many educational requirements that need to be achieved. As researched by Explore Health Careers (n.d.), an ST trainee takes a program that can range from twelve months to two years. A certificate can be earned by taking a program for twelve months. An associate’s degree can be obtained after being trained for two years in the program. “Most programs do not require more than a high school education for program entrance, but many do require applicants to have taken and passed prerequisite courses (usually in the basic sciences and medical terminology),” it states in Explore Health Careers (n.d.). As long as the applicant has taken medical and science courses in high school, they could take a program for training to become an ST. This career also requires personal qualities and skills in order to be successful. Since they are mostly on their feet the whole day, a surgical technologist will need a lot of stamina according to Ecpi University (n.d.). They should be organized when setting up the tools for an operation and cleaning the site afterward. Lastly, an ST must always remain prepared and alert in any circumstance. All health care professionals should have qualities that can be beneficial to their job. Based on Medical Schools (2012), a great medical professional has empathy, supportive, patient, good mannerism and more. Surgical technologists can look forward to advancement opportunities in the future. All Allied Health Schools (n.d.) states, “With experience and additional education, surgical technologists can advance to become surgical assistants. Surgical technologists also occasionally advance to other healthcare occupations, such as physician assistants or registered nurses.” Advancing to a registered nurse first assistant to a surgeon means taking on a role with more responsibility.

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