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term globalization is defined as “having a dramatic impact on life in the 21st
century”. I definitely think that the benefits of globalization outweigh its
costs because globalization is the key to growing the economies and raising living
standards in society today. Especially we see third world country government
failing and the globalization gives them a chance to get together with other
countries to solve environmental and cultural issues, and putting their
differences aside and work together. Being raised in a third world country like
Haiti does not have the perks and advantages that the United States offers such
better job, education, and securities. As we see other countries developing
more jobs for its citizens and the economy is growing in the process.

Globalization gives company a great opportunity to expand in other countries,
to where they creating jobs for citizens.

To be a citizen of the world is someone
who self-identified not as a member of a state, or a tribe or nation. But as a
member of the human race, and someone who is prepared to act on that belief,
and to tackle our world greatest challenges. And trying to help others or
rather think about themselves and changing the lives of others. And someone who
is trying to make a difference in the world to make it better. Some of the
ethical implication of living as a world citizen would be committing to help those
suffering from natural disaster, helping people in poverty by making a difference
in their lives, and raising awareness.

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The common morality that peoples of all
nations can share fairness because they should treat people the way they want
to be treated. And they should want to support one another rather than putting
each down and wishing harm to other. The global codes discussed in chapter 13 that
I think best reflects the standards and values would humane orientation because
different culture should encourage people to be more altruistic, fair, kind,
generous rather being hateful to one another.





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