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The  web base has been establish since 1994, is a
program of the National Consumers League, the nation’s pioneering consumer organization. Life
Smarts, the ultimate consumer challenge, is an educational chance for students
in middle and high schools. This competition trains students to be part of  the real world  and change them to be as smart adults.
Participants concentrate on five main basic topics: consumer rights and
responsibilities, the environment, health and safety, personal finance, and

Life Smarts  still  expand
 its goal , competitions, and consumer
knowledge. Life Smarts complements the curriculum already in place in middle-
and high-schools and can be used as an activity for classes, groups, clubs, and
community organizations. Life Smarts also goes side by side with the  national education standards.

Students who participate in the
program, they will start the  competition
online and the  highest scoring teams will
be invited to in person live state championships. State-wide competitions are
only in the USA (locally) and the state partnering organizations and agencies
coordinate it , NCL (National Consumers League) hosts a virtual state championship. Also, the winners will be invited
to the national championships that happens in different city every April.  

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The coaches should be working in
middle or high school , also have skills with the student , they will leads a
group and will be part of the life smart coaches , it is the best way to train
the student the skills that make them achieve in life, Coaches are
adult leaders, and each group should have one coach,  Coaches are leaders, parents, and community
leaders who train student to be better 
and have more skills and chance, they train the groups  for competition, collect permission forms, and
chaperone teams at in-person competitions.





Varsity Life Smarts – Open to all students in
grades 9-12:

Qualifying Session: in this competition the students will use the life smart
resources to start online , they will start training for the competition to be
ready to compete in the final, they must finish the competition during the
timeframe for their states from September to January or February .


Monthly Team
Smarts Quizzes: The smart group challenge may finish monthly from
September to January, There is one hundred question multiple-choice quizzes concentrate
on a different topic in each month. The Points will be awarded for both
accuracy and speed, the students have to work together to succeed and win the


State Varsity
Tournaments: groups that finish the online tests,  will advance to at the state level challenge.
In states without an in-person event, groups will be challenging online using a
special group Smarts test.


Life Smarts Championship: The winners of the state Varsity tournaments will be
invited to represent their state at the National Life Smarts Championship by
their State Coordinator or by the National Consumers League.

FBLA Competitions – Exclusively for FBLA
members in grades 9-12:

FBLA Competitive Event:  FBLA groups will compete in the FBLA Life
Smarts Competitive Event, with qualifying groups competing live at the FBLA
National Leadership Conference in June, FBLA Team Smarts Challenge event is from
September to January , FBLA Chapters will be challenging  with  other FBLA groups  for a $100 cash prize.


FCCLA Competitions – Exclusively for FCCLA
members in grades 9-12:

Life Smarts Consumer Knowledge Bowl: FCCLA groups will challenge in the FCCLA/Life Smarts
Consumer Knowledge Bowl, with qualifying groups challenging live at FCCLA
Cluster Meetings and the FCCLA NLC in July.


Junior Varsity – Open to all students in grades 6-8:

Online Qualifying Session: 
Students start online where they use Life Smarts resources, train on the
 competitions, and if they are ready to
challenge they will ,move to the final, Most of the states do not host any
event , the group with the highest score in the state will be declared as state


We did research to see if there is similar web base to
the KSC system or not, we find a local competition web base which named life
smart , the Kuwait Science club system has a few similarities with life smart
web base .

First of all, the competition in life smart divided in 5
subject:  environment, health and safety,
personal finance, and technology, while the Kuwait science club have more than
twenty competition but our project focus on only the science and engineering
competition, both of the system’s competitions are for the middle and high

competition runs in three 3 levels , the first level the club call students for enlightenment meeting , in this meeting the
club gives a simple explanation about the competitions and how its managed ,
the second level when the student start to represent the proposal project  , in this level the proposal project will be evaluated either its accepted or ignored, the third
level and the last which is the project implementation , Also at the end of the
project there is projects will fail or win , and all the competition fields
divide into science groups each science group have 3 centers , also there is
few project that nominate to the international Intel competition .


The life smart in the other side the students start the competition
online and the winners with the high score nominate to the championship, also
they invite the winners to the National life smart championship that held every
April in different city in United States.


The coaches in life smart should work skills with the middle and high
school students, each coach should lead group of students and train them for
the competition.

The KSC competition  have teachers
and judges, the teachers lead a group of students or at least one Kuwaiti student
, and the judge’s work is to judge the student’s projects . 

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