The finding better jobs to support their families

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The video I chose to
write my report over is entitled “Black Communities after the Civil War”. This
historical video provides exquisite information about how African Americans
migrated into the Oklahoma territory, established firm communities, thrived
together, and also struggled together. Concurrent with our textbook, some of
the migrants to Oklahoma were blacks trying to escape the oppressions of the
South (Brands, 397). Amongst the African American settlers in Oklahoma were the
slaves of civilized Indian tribes (Black Communities after the Civil War). As the
Native Americans were being pushed off of lands that were “guaranteed to be
reserved for them”, the tribes were forced into Oklahoma and once again that
state was to be designated for Native American Reservations, with them came
their African American slaves (Black Communities after the Civil War). Referred
to in our text as “Exodusters” these African Americans hoped and aspired to
establish freer lives and even monumental communities in the states of Kansas and
Oklahoma (Brands, 397). Twenty-seven all black towns were built between the
1850s and 1920s in the Oklahoma Territory (Black Communities after the Civil
War). Examples of these strong-standing black communities are Boley, Clearview,
and Tullahasee, Oklahoma of which Boley was the most successful (Black
Communities after the Civil War). During the Great Depression, these
communities drastically deteriorated due to younger African Americans migrating
in large numbers to other states in the hopes of finding better jobs to support
their families (Black Communities after the Civil War). The result of this mass
migration was empty towns slowly being forgotten to history. In conclusion, the
mass migration to the West by both African Americans and Anglos was driven by
the prospect of success and adventure, be it in the form of riches from
striking gold or oil, raising cattle, or simply cultivating the land and
building communities where everyone felt a sense of unity.



“Black Communities after the Civil War.” Films Media Group, 1997, Accessed 22
Jan. 2018.

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Brands, H W, et al. American Stories A History of the United
States. 3rd ed., vol. 2, Pearson Education Inc., 2015

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