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Texas Campaign for the Environment

MKT 6356-85

2017-2018 Winter Intersession

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West Texas A&M University

Dream Team Marketing

Robert King

Jarred Fuller, Patrick Miller, Van Strobel, Dustin Zingale

January 09, 2018


Table of Contents
Executive Summary. 3
Industry Background. 6
Objectives and Strategies. 9
Review of Existing/Past Social Media Programs. 11
Measurements and effectiveness. 12
Budget 13
Conclusion. 13
Appendix 1: Social Media Flowchart 15
References: 16


Executive Summary

Texas Campaign for the Environment’s Mission:

The Texas Campaign for the Environment (TCE) is a non-profit grassroots organization that looks to empower Texans to fight pollution, one door at a time. Through canvassing (going door to door), community events, and local campaigns our organization works on educating Texas on health and environmental issues. TCE was founded in 1991 and has a strong presence in Dallas, Austin, and Houston (Texasenvironment.org).  

TCE has been at the forefront of environmental change since its inception. With the direction of our executive director Robin Schneider and passionate leaders, TCE has lead Texas to a better and cleaner future.

A Snapshot of Our Accomplishments:

Aided in passing a major bill requiring TV manufacturers to provide free and convenient recycling
Defeated a proposal to put a road through Fort Worth’s oldest and most beloved parks, Trinity Park
Canvassed to over 421,007 with an impact of 181 voting districts in Texas
Aided in the passing of the curbside composting victory for every family in Austin,TX keeping tons of waste out of area landfills while generating acres of rich new soil (Texasenvironment.org)
We joined forces with groups across the country to convince major retailers like Walgreens, Best Buy and Pier 1 Imports to remove toxic chemicals from their products (Texasenvironment.org)

Target Audience:

The TCE targets its efforts towards persons of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We wish to reach the youth of the next generation as they are a focused foundation and take the lead in recruiting other like-minded youth to join, create, inspire, and take initiative in preserving the environment. We look to the older audiences to leverage connections and use experience to maintain direction within our organization and efforts.
Social Media Marketing Launch Plan: Will be planned with community event outreach program on launch day to increase brand awareness.

3 Months Prior To Launch: Social Media platforms with most reach identified. Changes and enhancements to platforms drafted/reviewed/approved.

2 Months Prior To Launch: Senior staff and Marketing Team will work in conjunction to create Texas Campaign for the Environment Brand Handbook that outlines mission, goals, and financial milestones.

1 Month Prior: Create Social Media calendar with goals and financial milestones. Calendar will be posted online and on-site for all employees to view.

1 Week Prior: Verify community event outreach program is still on track and all employees prepared for launch.

Launch Day: Social media platforms launch execution. All employees encouraged to spread the word and make personal posts about launch of TCE social media platforms. Social Media Team observes interaction and responds ASAP to all inquiries and related posts.

Post-Launch: Social Media Marketing Team stays active and engaged in all posts and advocate comments.

Campaign Objectives:

Increase brand awareness
Improve community and campaign reach
Generate an increasing follower count
Increased user engagement
Develop new and relevant content
Use social media analytics to monitor and direct social media efforts

Campaign Theme: Empowering Texans to fight pollution through sustained grassroots organizing campaigns that shift corporate and governmental policy

 Evaluation Program: Evaluation will be coordinated through the marketing team and staff of TCE to ensure the social media plan is integrated into the company mission and objectives. These are the metrics and measurements the social media plan will be evaluated bi-monthly.

Follower Growth – Total count of followers and page likes.
Engagement Statistics – Identify ideal time for user engagement (retweets, comments, replies times). Facebook, Google, and Twitter provide analysis tools to track this
Measuring Likes and Reactions – track audience likes and reactions to posts and content
Content Sharing – Monitor shared content, mentions, hashtag usage, number of clicks on TCE directed content
Donation Tracking – Finance team with the help of Google Analytics tracks charitable gifts and donation growth

Industry Background

With the millions of environmental organizations in the world, the Texas Campaign for the Environment differentiates itself by focusing on the state of Texas and its greatest cities. TCE currently employs 50 dedicated and passionate personnel. TCE is looking to expand its reach by hiring community organizers and environmental activists.  Growth
The revenue earned by or donated to this non-profit organization is used in obtaining the organization’s objectives and sustaining its operations. TCE desires to have more of an impact in the corporate community without getting involved in lobbying or politically motivated causes.
2016 Revenue total: $1,464,103                       2016 Expense total: $1,504,156
82% Grassroots contributions                            76% Advocacy, organizing & education8% Special projects funding                               11% Managing TCE10% Reimbursements, miscellaneous              13% Fundraising to sustain TCE

2018 Revenue Expected: $2,100,000

80% Grassroots contributions

15% Major corporations

5%  Reimbursements, miscellaneous
Current Trends/Developments Affecting the Promotion ProgramPresident Trump EPA program-failed to punish polluters (Lipton et. al, 2017), lease oil and gas to organizations around the Gulf of Mexico, declared Global Warming is no longer a threat to national security (Greshko et. al, 2018)
Macro-environment Factors and Issues- Hurricane Harvey’s long lasting impact to the infrastructure of Houston,TX. Use of coal has increased due to harsh U.S. winter. President Trump’s E.P.A. is ready to scrap Former President Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). The CPP vowed to cut carbon emissions by 32% by 2030. (Greshko et. al, 2018)
Place in the Industry (e.g., size, growth, image)Target Markets-TCE seeks to reach those that are sincere in their intentions with a growing commitment to a greener community. TCE does not expect every company to have fully adequate environmental practices without education and community concern. Rather, TCE looks for individuals that have a desire to see the community take substantive steps towards a clean environment with no waste.The most responsive age group to environmentalism tends to be young adults. They influence their parents’ purchasing decisions and will be the foundation for which the TCE wants to reach. Women are also at the forefront of this movement as they are more open to purchasing green products. Older adults born before the 1950s (able to enjoy the 1970s) are also a target market since they have the necessary education and intellectual orientation to appreciate value

Positioning- The Texas Campaign for the Environment (TCE) is a non-profit grassroots organization that looks to empower Texans to fight pollution, one door at a time.
Brand Markets
Social Media Objectives and Goals

           This social media campaign intends to raise awareness of TCE and its programs through the establishment of two goals. The first goal is to increase community involvement in the programs. The second goal is to increase TCE’s social media presence.  These two goals will be developed utilizing the SMART criteria which helps ensure that the goals are Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

The First Goal: Increase TCE’s social media presence and generate additional website traffic.

Specific: Develop new content and posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram three times a week. Increase follower count by 50 each week, and increase website traffic by 100% over the course of a year.

Measureable: Utilizing social media analytical tools like Buffer allows for content to be released on a set schedule across multiple platforms. Using Google Analytics will allow the team to view follower growth, hashtag mentions, user engagement, and website traffic.

Attainable: TCE already has a website established and is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By releasing scheduled content more frequently it is reasonable to believe that this growth is attainable over the course of a year.

Relevant: As a non-profit organization TCE relies on community involvement for their programs to be successful.

Time-Bound: This goal is based on a one year marketing plan.

The Second Goal: Get 10 local businesses involved in a matching donations program.  

Specific: Reach out to local businesses and find 10 willing to participate in a donation matching program where they will match their employees’ donations up to $5,000 per year.

Measureable: Utilizing spreadsheets and data monitoring software TCE will be able to easily track which companies are involved in the program. Google Analytics can also be utilized to view donations made through the website which would allow TCE to track where these donations are coming from.

Attainable: TCE’s sister organization TCE Fund is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization. Donations made to this organization could be written off on taxes which would encourage company involvement in a donation matching program.

Relevant: TCE relies on contributes to continue running their organization, business involvement would assist in providing a steady stream of incoming donations.

Time-Bound: This goal is based on a one year marketing plan.

Objectives and Strategies

Awareness Objective:

The goals for this campaign are aimed at increasing awareness of the organization and its ongoing projects being undertaken in the community. The primary method of increasing awareness is through the development and use of a social media plan. We plan to focus the majority of our efforts on the creation of quality content and scheduling frequent releases of this content. Additional efforts will be focused on increasing website traffic through social media content.

Currently TCE utilizes social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), but does not produce content on a consistent basis. Producing content that encourages user engagement on a consistent basis will increase awareness for the organization. Developing a strong social media presence will be key for growing organizational awareness.

The first stage in growing social media awareness is to set a schedule for the release of new content across the various social media platforms. We would recommend releasing content three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This content should include information about the organization, information and photos about ongoing projects, and ways that individuals can become involved with the organization.

The second stage in growing social media awareness is to engage users in the organization. We would recommend increasing communication with users across social media platforms. If the organization communicates directly with its viewers, viewers will feel more engaged and involved in the ongoing programs.

Knowledge Objectives:

Another goal for this campaign is to involve local businesses by creating a matching donations program. The creation of a matching donations program would encourage individuals to donate towards the organization, and encourage local businesses to match their employee’s donations up to $5,000 per year. We plan to reach out to local businesses with the goal of getting 10 businesses involved in the matching donations program by the end of the year.

Currently TCE accepts donations through their website, but does not currently advertise a matching donations program for businesses to become involved in. Getting local businesses involved increases community awareness and could also increase awareness of TCE through the businesses involvement in the program.

The first stage in getting businesses involved is to reach out to local businesses and let them know about the organization, ongoing projects, and successes. The second stage in this campaign is to encourage the businesses to become involved in their community and explain the development of a matching donations program. It should also be explained to businesses that the funds would be going towards a non-profit organization and 100% of contributions are tax deductible. Businesses that can write off contributions would be more likely to consider a matching donations program.

Review of Existing/Past Social Media Programs

Texas Campaign for the Environment has three social network pages: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As of January 5th 2018 there are 6,875, 580 and 3,062 followers respectively. The next similar organization TCE would be competing for share of voice with would be Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.


            Facebook is obviously their main platform as the most posts are made from here. There’s a total of 7,124 likes since the pages creation in March of 2015. The most followers are here yet there’s the smallest amount of interaction. This is a perfect example of a quantitative measure not helping with increased awareness. The majority of posts are about how people shouldn’t use this product, or shouldn’t vote for this person. Texas Campaign for the environment has the majority share of voice here.


            Since Texas Campaign for the Environment’s Instagram was created in July of 2014 there have been 353 posts. These posts include pictures of members of their organization, reposts of flyers for charities, and pictures of some of their clean up events. There are also a plethora of “meme like” posts offering light hearted jokes about saving the environment. Their Instagram is the least updated platform with the last post on November 27th 2017, over a month ago. TCEQ has a greater share of voice here.


            With Texas Campaign for the Environment’s Witter page opening in September of 2009, there have been 2,302 likes. Here their team posts links to articles and keep their followers posted about new action they can take to help the environment in various Texas areas. There are also posts thanking supporters as well as posts referring to other environmental organizations. While there is not a large number of likes compared to the Facebook page, we do see quite a number of reshares.  The number of posts vary quite a bit. There were 5 posts in December, 3 in November and 5 in October.  Yet there were over 20 posted in September alone. Here we see very little engagement. It’s mostly posts telling followers to do this, or support that.

Summary Review of Existing Social Media

            There’s isn’t a cohesive tone throughout their social media network campaign. Their Instagram is light hearted while their Facebook and Twitter tends to have more of a “don’t do this” theme throughout posts. There’s quite a bit of what not to do rather than environmental tips other than don’t use this company’s products. Furthermore, the quality of their posts varies. In order to attract followers they need to differentiate from other organizations. The followers of Texas Campaign for Environment are proponents of environmental friendliness. They most likely see repeats of these posts.

Measurements and effectiveness

            Evaluation of this campaign, we suggest that we use both quantitative and qualitative measurements on a bi-monthly basis. There are countless ways we can measure and evaluate this campaign. Mainly utilizing Google Analytics, we will be able to track the donations and social media platform activity.

            The marketing team at TCE will be looking at quantitative measurements, like follower growth and engagement statistics. These measurements will give us a quick and broad overview on the overall health of this campaign. We can find this information quickly using our platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The #1 goal of this campaign is to increase our follow count by 50 each week. We can use our social media platforms to track this. Our second goal also has a specific quantitative goal; find 10 businesses that are willing and able to perform a matching donation program. We can easily track the donations via Google Analytics.   

            A constant qualitative evaluation is also needed to determine if this campaign is successful. This will require constant monitoring of each account on social media platforms. Being socially active during this campaign is key to positively increasing the TCE’s image. The staff of TCE’s marketing team will need to constantly be responding and addressing questions, comments, and concerns. There will need to be a sample of tweets and posts that have been responded to so it gives a good impression on how the campaign is being received. Using Google Analytics and TCE’s marketing teams’ sample, we will be able to track the positive and negative interactions between the users and TCE.


            TCE would be able to implement this marketing strategy with very little financial investment. This could potentially become a large time commitment and they may have to dedicate more people to the marketing team. However, with the advertising, they are going to be receiving more donations. Paying for other potential advertisements may drive up the cost, but that is not incorporated in this campaign. The Google Analytics software is absolutely free of charge.


The main objective of this campaign is to increase awareness. With increased awareness of TCE, this organization will grow and be able to accomplish more of the organization’s goals. Other goals are to increase donations by other companies matching contributions and increasing the social media followers by 50 a week. This organization is simple to market, with the concept of preserving the environment universally accepted. They already do some traditional marketing in a campaign they call ‘canvassing,’ going door to door to ask for donations and spread awareness. It is a good start. However, with social media, TCE can reach more people and expand faster. It is recommended that TCE use Google Analytics in conjunction with their marketing team on a regular basis to keep this campaign going strong. With quantitative and qualitative evaluation, adjustments should be made to continue growing this organizations image and internet presence.







Appendix 1: Social Media Flowchart


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Texas Campaign for the Environment. Retrieved January 7, 2018. https://www.texasenvironment.org/





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