Terrorism in Peshawar. Two attackers had struck at

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on religious minorities in Pakistan is a serious and critical issue. Some
incident where minorities were targeted on the basis of their faith/ religion
are quoted below:

1.      February,

In February
2012 Kohistan Shia Massacre, 18
Shia Muslim residents of Gilgit-Baltistan travelling by bus from Rawalpindi,
Punjab to Gilgit, Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan were killed by individuals
dressed in military uniforms based on their religious affiliation. The dead
included three children, while 27 other passengers on the bus were spared.

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2.      May 5,

In the
city of Rhim Yar Khan a town named Larkana, a mob brandishing clubs had
smashed statues, looted gold artefacts and set Hindu
temples ablaze.

3.      September
22, 2013:

was one of the deadliest attacks on the Christian community where at
least 83 people
were killed in
a twin suicide bombing in Peshawar. Two attackers had struck at the
end of a service at All Saints Church in Peshawar.

4.      March
7, 2013:

was another attack on Christian community, when more than 200 houses were set
on fire in Joseph colony, after Sawan Msih,a member of a colony, was accused of
blasphemy. Three churches were also burnt in the colony. A day before the
incident, police forced the Christians to leave their houses, saying they would
also be killed otherwise.

5.      November
4, 2014:

enraged Muslim mob burnt the bodies of a Christian couple near Lahore in the
brick kiln where they worked on Tuesday for reputedly violation of the Holy

6.      May
13, 2015:

gunmen on motorcycles openly fired on passengers belonging to the Ismaili
community in Karachi. At least 43 people got killed on the spot. Militant
group Jundullah claimed responsibility, which has attacked minorities before
many times.

7.      November
21, 2015:

enraged mob set fire on a factory ran by the Ahmadiyya community in Jhelum. A mob attacked the
factory because a person working there committed blasphemy.

8.      March
27, 2016

Lahore, Christians were celebrating Easter Sunday when a suicide bomb ripped
through the parking space of a crowded park. 72 people were killed and more
than 300 injured.

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