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Territory has always been a big part of history. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Europe had a big war over the colonies in the New World, but how could only one of the countries become victorious? The victors of the colony game were the English who were late to arrive, but still managed to win. After their late arrival they got lucky and befriended the natives. They also sent a vast amount of their own people who relied on their colonies’ governments to create a good society.The first reason England won was because of their great relationship with the natives. The English were the only ones who had a sustainable relationship with them because they have helped each other since they arrived. The beginning for the English was very difficult and most of all a struggle, but the natives taught them how to survive on the land and traded with them. This is what the fortified the foundation between the English and the natives. On the other hand, some other countries did not have this great relationship with them and these countries are France, and Spain. The French never really tried to foster their relationship, but they remained on good terms. The natives even helped them during times of war. The Spanish on the other hand, they were the worst behaved of the countries. They saw the natives as heathens that could be converted to Christianity and if they did not agree they would be killed. The Spanish did not have a lot of empathy for the natives. As a result, the English had the advantage because the natives would later trade with them and help them thrive.The second reason England won was because they had a tremendous amount of people emigrate to colonies in the New World. The English had made an incentive to get people to emigrate. The incentive was: if you took women and slaves the king would give you land. They also sent people from other religions and gave them a charter. This was a good way to get a multitude of people to the New World and would increase the population and the diversity. The French royalty on the other hand, was not very open leaving their main land for a new place. Therefore, France only allowed fur traders, merchants, and missionaries to emigrate. Protestants and peasant farmers were not allowed to go to the New World for a long period of time. Since they were not allowed to go, the land was given to their soldiers. If France was strict, then of course Spain had to try to be stricter. The Spanish only allowed conquistadors, missionaries, and soldiers to go. Years later they would come to their senses and allow farmers and traders access to the New World. The third and final reason England was able to win the colony game was the people were able to create a government that suited them and groomed their lives for the generations to come. The fact that they were able to manage their government was something that many people in the world did not have. The colonists were privileged enough to have the choice. However, the Spanish were not as privileged as the English because they were under full control of people appointed by the crown. This is not such a good way to be governed because they were subject to only their decisions and could be treated very poorly. The French were probably the unluckiest people. They were fully subjected to the crown of France and had no political rights or representative government. The government was so strict that they would not let anyone hold a public meetings without permission. The English were strangely lucky to have a government that did not want people of different religions on the mainland, but instead gave them charters and a choice of government in the New World.Although the English colonists arrived late, they thrived as they sent many people to the New World who were nice to the natives and were able to make their own government. England rose attop the Spanish and the French because of their kindness and the government they created. What happened to the English colonies was very lucky because they realized the New World had value. What would have happened if they had not seen the light?

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