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ten interesting phone features that willbe useful for anyone cell phones todaycome equipped with countlessmind-boggling functions you cancommunicate with others using a ton ofdifferent apps or choose anyentertainment to suit your taste yoursmartphone wakes you up in the morninghelps you support a healthy lifestylereminds you about important meetings andplays relaxing music for you after ahard day’s workmost people admit that they’d ratherlose their wallet than their phone andyou probably think that you knoweverything about your favorite gadgetand its functions but we’ve got asurprise in store for you in this videobright side has gathered some usefultips for smartphone users that willimpress you and your friends and makeyour life way easier number 10see infrared lightyou can now easily check if your TV’sremote needs new batteries with the helpof your smartphone just open yourphone’s camera app and switch it tofront-facing view as if you’re about totake the selfie then take the remotecontrol pointed at the camera and pressany button on the remote you’ll see aflickering red light on your phonescreen if your remotes batteries areworking just fineif not better go get some new batteriesor let’s be honest here find somethingelse battery-powered to switch out thedead ones with number 9 take pictures ofa city from a car window if you don’thave enough time to admire the viewswhen you travel you can take panoramicphotos while going through the city bycar or bus and have a closer look laterswitch on the panoramic mode on yourphone’s camera and try to hold yourdevice steadily in one place let thevehicle do the rest of the work number 8create your own twin unfortunately yournew identical sibling will live only inpicture form while not unless you’reliving in a soap opera and theydramatically walk through the door okayback to reality again turn on panoramicmode and give your phone to a friendwhen they have slowly very very slowlymoved the phone past you you need to runbehind their back and come back into theframe there will be to use in thepicture or even three if you’re fast andcreative enough number seven enableguest mode this option comes in handy ifsomeone needs to borrow your phone for acouple of minutesyou can’t just rudely say no but thenagain you’re pretty reluctant to handover your precious device that containsall your personal secrets to enableguest mode swipe down from the top ofthe Quick Settings panel tap your avatarand choose add guest to turn on thisfeature after that you need to set allthe activities that your guest isallowed to performyour secrets are safe and soundunfortunately this function is availableonly for users of Android 5.0 and neweras for iPhones to use this functionyou’ll need a special application thatyou can download from the App Storehowever you need to have iOS 7 or alater version number 6 turn your phoneinto eyeglasses this option is helpfulfor those who see the world in a blur orin short for those with less thanperfect vision if this describes youthen switch on your camera and hold itover some text you’ll see an enlargedand very clear image enjoy your newglasses and don’t forget to tell yourgranny about this tip this function isalso extremely useful even if you dohave a good vision try it out next timeyou’re watching some sports game at thestadium or a performance in a hugeconcert hall you’ll be able to see allthe details even from the most distantrows so forget about those expensivefront-row tickets and just pull out yourphone number 5 set Auto unlock whenyou’re at home or at your friend’s housesounds awesome right now you don’t haveto worry about annoying pass codes orcarefully tapping in some intricatecombination all over the screen in anattempt to unlock your phone there’s noneed for all these confusing things youdo regularly to protect your phone atleast not when you’re at home if youhave Android 5.0 or newer you can do thefollowingopen the settings application on yourphone choose security and location andclick on smart lock after you enter yourpasscode or PIN you’ll be able to addsafe areas where your phone will alwaysunlock itself automatically have youalready come across any tips you didn’tknow about before if so remember to giveus a thumbs up and keep watching number4 reduce your phone’s blue lightemission in 2012 the American MedicalAssociation’s council on science andPublic Health released a report sayingthat excessive light at night especiallythe light from electronic devices cancause not only disrupted sleep but alsosleep disorders to be exactit’s the blue light that disturbs oursleep and hurts our eyes when we use ourphones in the dark the thing is thatblue light is part of sunlight duringthe day it’s not only harmless but alsobeneficial for health but at night ittricks your brain into believing thatit’s still daytime if your brain thinksit’s daytimeit won’t go into rest mode some specialprograms like blue light filter forexample have been created to eliminatethis problem they filter the emission ofblue light from the screen andsynchronize the brightness and colorsettings these applications don’t doanything noticeable during the day butwhen it gets dark they alter the colortemperature of the screen and it turns abit red sounds cool right you just needto download one of the apps and enjoysome sound sleep as for the lucky ownersof the latest versions of Android 5.0and newer you can enable this functionin the settings the same goes for iPhoneusers starting from iPhone 5s and abovethere’s a lot more information aboutthis and many other smart phone optionsthat you can find in the followingvideos the links are at the top of thescreennumber three create an ultravioletflashlight to do this you’ll need aphone with a flashlightsome scotch tape and two markers a blueone and a purple one stick one piece ofthe transparent tape over the flash andcolored with the blue marker then stickanother piece of tape over that andcolor it blue as well the third and lastlayer of tape should be colored purplewhen you turn on your phone’s flashlightin the dark you’ll be able to see somepretty interesting stuff like germs onall the surfaces you number twotranslate any text guess what you nolonger need to rummage through differentdictionaries or copy and paste intoonline translators in order tounderstand a text in a foreign languageyour smart phone can easily help youspecial apps like Word Lens availableboth for Android and iOS willimmediately translate any text for youjust switch on your smart phones cameraand pointed at the text you need tounderstand the translation will happeninstantaneously right before your veryeyes number one look at old filmnegativesMusicin the era of digital photography peoplerarely take photos using film nowadaysbut almost every household has a boxfull of old film negatives somewhere inthe deepest corner of a cupboard youdon’t have the heart to throw them awayso they stay in that dusty old box forages luckily you can scan and digitizethe negatives using your smartphonecamera app this way isn’t the mostprecise but it is fast and effectivejust choose the negative effect optionon your camera and snap a shot of thefilm voila now you have your childhoodpics on your device perhaps not the bestquality but still with other smart phonehacks do you know and use tell us in thecomments below share this video withyour friends to make their life easierto remember to press the like button andsubscribe to our Channel there’s so muchfun on the bright side of life

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