Television, and soul. If you rely on

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Television, What A Waste of Timme
How much does television mean to you? Would you sacrifice your mind, your
health, and your well-being just to keep ahold of it? Most people would. They
are unaware of the severe effects that TV has on our lives and on our future. I
think that television should be banned from all American households because of
the negative ideas it exploits, the creative minds it destroys, and the growing
amount of kids and adults that are making this place a bigger and lazier country.

In the last decade, the amount of vioilence on television has greatly increased
and so has the number of senseless homicides and suicides in our country. The
promiscuity and violence shown regularly on household televisions has intrigues
us as Americans and numbed our sense of what’s right and what’s wrong in society.

What shocked us at first has now become customary dinner-time cinema.

With the increase in the number of television sets in America, more and more
young people have been robbed of their creativity. With TV, hardly anything is
left to the imagination. Before the existence of television, all people wre
forced to create their own opinions and images of things in their own minds.

But with TV, all the images are created for you and almost all the arguments are
one-sided. With TV, you no longer create your own ideas; you are told them.

Television has a great impact on the health of America. The seductive topics
and biased broadcasts shows daily across America are luring more and more people
to the confines of their living room couch for a greater amount of time.

Inactivity and overeating are a common result of this decision made by adults
and kids alike. Perhaps this is the reason why America is one of the fattest
countries in the world.

Television is slowly and subliminally taking its toll on America. It is
stealing all of the things that are most precious to us–our mind, body, and
soul. If you rely on television for all your entertainment, I think that you
would be way better off looking for it within yourself and the people around you.

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