Technology’s affect their learning and developmental skills.

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Technology’s Impact on Families ITS 1000, Computer and Internet Literacy October 30, 2011 South University Online Technology has a huge impact on families. Whether this is good or bad, I believe technology has affected every family in some way or another. With technology being so plentiful in the modern age, it is hard to avoid. There are many benefits that come with the wide array of technology. Television and internet give us access to world news. It’s important to know what’s going on outside of our daily lives, and this is an important discussion topic.

And can promote communication in the family. The internet also gives us access to email and social networking sites where we can keep in touch with our extended family. Cell phones are a convenient way to do so as well. Surveillance technology can be a great source of protection for our families. Given the benefits of technology and families, there are also many drawbacks as well. Technology interrupts the traditional family living. Before technology became so advanced, there was much more time to spend together as a family.

There were no videos games or television sets to interrupt this family time. Several families don’t even eat there dinner together. They’re too preoccupied by their games, social networks, and texting devices. The Internet can be a very risky form of technology. These days, many young children have access to the internet without a parent’s supervision. Not only can these children be exposed to inappropriate websites, but can also be exploited. When entering a chat room or social networking site, most adults know how to maintain their privacy, where children do not.

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They can casually give out private information without understanding the harm it could cause. This information could include their age, and location, as well as other private information. If put into the wrong hands, this simple information could lead to horrendous things, such as a kidnapping, stalking, or scary enough, even murder. Many children spend so much time using high-tech gadgets, and don’t form family like relationships. They tend to get less exercise, and be less active than children raised a couple of decades ago.

This can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other health issues. Lots of children are exposed to many forms of technology, such as television, and computers at an inappropriate age. This can affect their learning and developmental skills. This can be damaging to the child, as well as their family. Technology has lessened communication in families as well. Each member of the family is distracted with their preferable form of technology, leaving little to no time to socialize amongst each other. This can be very damaging to families.

Communication is very important in bonding, and holding relationships in a family. Though numerous people try to escape the wicked world of technology, it is very hard to avoid. Technology is everywhere, and won’t be leaving anytime soon. From here on out, it will only mature. Weighing in on the issue, the disadvantages seem to overrule the advantages. Technology harshly affects families in many ways, more so than benefit them. With the growth of technology not seeming to slow down, all we can hope for is to develop more effective ways to promote healthy family communication, and living.

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