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Technology has dramatically changed the work environment over the past decades, and the way it has once been managed has been completely replaced. Every workplace benefits from technology. Even the smallest business, with 2 or 3 employees, can use software to organize its legal documents or to keep track of customers. Accounting or marketing software is used for both large and small businesses. Advancing technology has allowed employees to interact with a global market, or even work off the road. Technology has optimized the way we organize our time, and the efforts made for day-to-day tasks are now much smaller, placing more emphasis on precision and creativity. But customer expectations have increased as well, and they want consistent results in a very short time. Here come the decisions of the individual, who must choose from all technological options those that work best in certain situations.    For example, it is known that constant checking of email decreases productivity. It is more efficient for employees to make a few short calls than to check the email every 15 minutes. For this reason, and because of the smartphone’s all-in-one, all employees should have a work phone at their disposal.Look for those phones whose features best match the job description for each department so that each employee gets the phone that best suits his or her needs. For example, from these phone models you could opt for those with large screen, but also with a high-performance processor, which are ideal for employees who are constantly working with lots of emails, giving them a spacious inbox, but also for those who work with editing programs, and they can check the materials at an excellent resolution. On the other hand, salespeople would have more to gain from a dual sim phone, which delimits the personal phone line from the professional one, while having an extremely powerful battery that allows them to speak freely for hours without reloading it. With the right phone, the employer can increase productivity and can organize their time more efficiently.From paying wages or payments to suppliers and subcontractors to inventory, all of these administrative tasks can be quickly accomplished through software, eliminating unnecessary delays in payments. Moreover, contracts and documents are easier to compile on the computer, and the negotiating process and revising a contract takes place more quickly, online, without other unnecessary steps.From mobile phones to e-readers, all these technological accessories save time and energy for employees. Instead of having dinner at the office, businesspeople and employees can solve almost anything on the road. Whether it’s phone calls you have to make, conferences with two or more people, reading materials and articles of interest or sending emails, everything can now be done either on the move or at home. This advantage eliminates the overwhelming hours spent at the office, which in the meantime drastically decreases the motivation of an employee.    Also, due to the flexibility in doing business, more and more companies also employ people to work from anywhere in the world, turning the typical local work environment into a national or even global one.    So, how each employee is doing his or her job is completely different from a few decades ago, no matter what field or department they work in. Technology has helped an organization be more efficient with faster results. The role of technology is viewed in terms of communication, decision making, collaboration, and control. Projects deal with large amounts of data and information controlled by complexity and size. Project managers should use technology and knowledge management and convert data into information.Technology can be used for developing and distributing project management processes and performance monitoring systems. Technology can efficiently and effectively help accomplish many project management functions. Specifically, technology plays a major role in helping the project manager develop and formalize project processes and establish channels of open communication. Using those tools, the team can access organizational and suggested knowledge of past projects and historical data, and be engaged in giving and seeking information. These efforts lead to improving collaboration, establishing trust, and making better decisions. The effect of using technology to improve project performance, suggests that project managers can use technology to not only capture data and information but also to facilitate knowledge development and transfer. In essence, technology can help project managers improve the project processes they use to manage project complexity, project integration, and resource utilization. Going beyond these processes, technology can help project managers promote open communication, learning, knowledge transfer, and productivity. Project managers may also choose to develop electronic databases listing project experts in specific interest groups. Specifically, technology, such as video conferences, the Internet can help project managers lead projects implemented by virtual project teams. These technologies help project managers communicate effectively with their virtual project teams and integrate project tasks effectively.Technology facilitates interaction between organizational members, encourages discussions, and promotes the flow and collection of knowledge. Knowledge management promotes communication, employee skills, collaboration, decision making, and productivity. Consequently, technology and knowledge management help project leaders promote project performance, team development, and competency.While technology promotes knowledge sharing, team development, efficiency, and effectiveness, motivating factors that can lead to knowledge sharing, team development, and innovation are dependent on the project leadership role in establishing trust and open communications. Technology supports the project manager in managing teams and projects successfully. Integrating technology will also help reduce the duration of the project management lifecycle.

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