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Introduction When you roll out of bed your coffee is already browed. Your T. V. is turned to the news or weather channel. Your toothbrush does all the work for you as well as your razor. Even the alarm clock that wakes you up from your slumbering stupor is advancements in technology. Is our future drowning in the advances of technology? Or is the more good to come from these advances? Is the way that we live our lives today are making use lazier.

From our cell phones that can do almost everything but washing the car, but wait there are automated car washes for that, from the car, to the cell phone, to television, even to the remote not just for your T. V. but for every electronic in your house. These items take advantage of the lack of control people have on their own lives. Why don’t we limit the amount of technology we use and make good use out of which we do have Frank Bowes says “We do not need to go shopping anymore, we can order almost everything from the internet. 1 These Thoughts are on the minds of many more. Just looking around the world The United States is of the most advanced countries with the success of technology, along with several other countries leading right beside or trailing shortly behind. That leads to the statistic found that the United States of America is rated number one for the amount of obese people at 30. 6 percent. Effects on the Youth The farther growing concern how is the advancement of tech affecting our youth and young adults today.

Are young adults today are being used by the advertisements and alluring new products that come out today? It is makes them do less and less every day. Sit behind a computer all day, then come home and pick up the remote to unwind. There is less stimulating activity for young adults and children today that draws their interest. They would rather be couch potatoes or lazy. Even students today are becoming much and much lazier. When everything is of the touch of your finger it draws many in to become the technological zombies.

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Be it the T. V. , the game stations today, or the internet, they do not even have to go out to socialize or be known. Dr. Jose Calderon on expert on behavioral addiction believes that there have been instances where people have checked into clinics for technology addiction and experienced withdraw symptoms like depression, anxiety, tremors, lack of sleep, sweating, and headaches just like those associated with substance abuse. Also technology addiction is not well defined, but it is a growing field. Technology can offer ways to escape.

These devices offer many different choices to pretend you are someone you are not, so many get drawn in by the allure, like Face book or MySpace you can be virtually anyone you want to be and only the people close would ready know the truth. Links to Obesity Along with the increasing demand of time, come inventions that take away from what used to be a little physical labor. Once thinking begins that we can do nothing except without a labor saving device, and then getting into a routine of doing nothing without such devices, is the cause for people to become physically lazy.

Alone the state of West Virginia is number four on the highest obesity rating at 31. 3 percent. It just makes you wonder if there is a connection on the increase in obesity related to the increasing demand for more technologically. This is not only happening in WV or America, according to Garry Egger and Boyd Swinburn “The increasing prevalence of obesity in many counties means that it should now be considered a pandemic. ” These facts are attributed to the ways technology has been used in the production of food, and the massive response to the world eating out or at Fast food restaurants instead of cooking a healthy meal at home.

These changes have made a dramatic change one the rise of obesity, the simple case of driving through a window and placing an order instead of taking the time to put forth the effort to cook something healthy. This could also be the lack in education on nutrition and could be linked directly. It is amazing on how little the average American spends on weight loss products, diet, and exercise programs. The numbers alone are shocking, when they could just use exercise in their lives. Our lifestyles home become more sedentary resulting in the increase of obesity everywhere.

There are several other facts that have lead to the increase in obesity. The cost of food has dramatically decreased the explosion of diners and Fast food restaurants, as well as the increase of taxes and price on cigarettes. According to Inas Rashad & Micheal Grossman, “obesity and our sedentary lifestyles accounted for approximately 400,000 deaths in 2000 compared to 435,000 due to cigarette smoking, 100,000 due to alcohol abuse and 20,000 from illegal drug use. ” Also “obesity cost more annually in medical expenditures than cigarette smoking, because of the long and costly treatments for its complications. 8 Exposure The course of childhood obesity is linked to adult obesity. Obesity affects twenties five percent of children in the US, and is appears to be increasing of at fast rates. For children physical activity is likely to encompass numerous behaviors such as play, chores, organized sports, and exercise. Thus exercise is planned, structural, and repetitive; and undertakes the purpose of improving or maintaining physical fitness. For children being overweight affects them in many ways. There are so many obese children today in America the rate has doubled from 1980 to 2006.

Also linked to children obesity, is a higher risk for many health problems. Dian D. Coyl states that, “Children acquire electronic games, personal computers, and cell-phones at even younger ages. Surveys say 82% are online by 7th grades, and experience about 6. 5 hours of media exposure per day. ”3 That brings the parents of these children into the picture. Where are they first of all? Is this overexposure, what is leading to increase in obesity? Family time is dwindling; social activities are becoming a thing of the past.

Plus the ease of microwavable food makes it so much easier for the children to pack on the pounds, as well as their parents. Are the parents of today just pushing their kids toward these devices so they can have time or are these children learning these negative attributes from their parent actions? These are questions that drive the mind of many parents, teachers, scientist and researchers, as well as the media corporation. To the original question at hand is technology shaping our culture or are we shaping technology? In many countries they shape technology around their culture or religious practices.

Mobile phone manufactures have developed popular phones for Muslim users that support their religious practices; by reminding them when it is time to pray, even directing them towards Mecca and disabling incoming calls for twenty minutes. Most of the technology is that is used around the world custom fits their culture, or beliefs. Then there is just technology that is universal. Positive Side On the flip side there are many attributes that prove positive in the way technology is moving along. It is the driving force for America for front ike; finding life on new planets, creating cures for incurable diseases, trying to figure how to genetically allure genes in many species of flora and fauna for the better. We are taking new edges on figuring out many mysteries to use and science and mathematics lead the way. We are working on technology to make all the carbon emissions and other chemicals being released into the atmospheric destroying the planet. The only problem is the majority of people who are destroying the planet are the ones with the money and power. It is a destructive force to be a human being and to succumb to emotions.

Either they are greed or just blatant disregard for humanity. It is good thing that we have so, many people with differences in opinions other wide we would be one twisted place. There are scientists and engineers developing many different things that would revolutionize the way we think or function through life. Just alone nanotechnology is a big factor in our lives today and many are trying to harness this knowledge for good. Like Ralph Merkle says during an interview, “Not everyone has access to good medical care. Not everyone is well fed.

Not everyone has access to the basics of life that provide a happy healthy life. ”5 So he goes on explaining how have technology could help increase crop production per acre and be able to feed the world eventually. If we could economically manufacture the appropriate computers controlled enclosures that would provide protection and would provide a very controlled environment for the growths of yield of over ten times what we can currently grow per acre. This in return would make it so that the places were people and famished and in direct need of food would have a better chance of receiving it.

Using genetics to modify crops is another source of technology that would prove a great success throughout the world. Making crops that grow in any condition, and not susceptible to diseases. It would also create higher yields per crop. According to the Colloquium paper “bio-tech will soon overcome the constraints related to the actual transfer of desired genes to the respective hosts. Molecular generics can provide a higher resolution of the genome of any species, allowing precise genetic identification before attempted transfers. “2 Morals

Overall there are many questions that go along with the advancements of technology. Do people use it correctly, what is the definition for correctly? Is there an overloading point from where the world is becoming consumerist, fed by whatever is said to them for them to believe? Is it becoming wasteful and abusive to our environment and morality? Another by factor to our advancement of technology, do ethics and laws keep up with advancements in technology? According to Mr. Richards “Ethical questions and answers always lag behind technological advancement.

The driving force for technology is profit in our culture, and profit will be greater interest until the serious problems are identified. Like ethics laws lag behind the introduction of technology. (IE: intellectual property and privacy laws)”9Another huge question is who is monitoring the usage or views in of our youth? Is this nothing are youth become consumers at a younger age and is that affecting their as well as their body. According to Marilyn Painter senior American citizen, “Parents should be aware of every aspect of their child’s development.

The one sad aspect that I see it that children are using the computer as social outlet versus face to face communication. ”7 This is a direct result from all of these virtual social worlds like MySpace and face book that let you communicate with anyone without even seeing them. Another key idea is how it affected generations existing today? We have the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. According to Freda Painter Information Security Consultant, “I think it has in many ways taken the value of quality that was often looked for in purchases and replaced it with disposable. ”6 Conclusion

Back to the beginning has technology made us lazier? This is a question that it has promoted laziness. Look at our youth today eat microwaveable dinners glued in front of their favorite T. V. show, or gaming away. Take a look at the increase of obesity not only in children, but adults as well and say technology has not had an effect on this. Overall many of our advancements in technology have led to many major breakthroughs. These breakthroughs have filled our economy and driven the bases of science harder. We are able to access the world so much easier and the abundance of information available is amazing.

It boils down to the point of the end user. Or are you different from the rest or do you let those catch jingles or alluring ads is drive you? We know the capacity of knowledge is infinite but our bodies can only take so much neglect before they start depleting and giving up on us. Work Cited 1Bowes, Frank. Should young children own a mobile phone? 03 March 2010. Helium. Web. 05 November 2011. 2“Colloquium on Protecting Food Supply-the Value of Plant Genome Initiatives. ” National Academy of Sciences’. Vol. 95. 1998. Print 3Coyle, Diana. Kids Really Are Different These Days” Kaplan. Feb. 2009: 404-407. Print 4Egger, Gary and Boyd Swinburn. “An “ecological” approach to the obesity pandemic. ” BMJ. Vol. 315. 25 August 2007. Print 5Gehl, John. Nanotechnology Designs for the Future. Ubiquity. 2000. Web. 02 November 2011. 6Painter, Freda. Personal Interview. 23 Oct 2011 7Painter, Marylin. Personal Interview. 6 Nov 2011 8Rashad, Inas and Micheal Grossman. “The Economics of Obesity. ” Public Interest. Summer 2004; Vol. 156. Research Library Core. 104-112. Print 9Richards, James Personal Interview. 25 Oct. 2011

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