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“Technology” was derived from the Greek word
“technologia” which means “craft”. Most parents always protest or cavil that
their teenagers are too dependent and attached to technology. As a teenager it
is not easy to live in a world without devices. Should they really worry about
this? In what ways has technology affected teenagers both positively and

might not have a negative effect on teenagers if it is used wisely and done in
moderation. When we talk about technology, we talk about not just phones but laptops,
cars, television, vape, etc. Without technology we would still be living in our
cave men years or basically darkness. That means NO cars, NO phones, NO laptops
and a less developed life and we all know how us human beings can be,
specifically referring to teenagers: the lazy, wreckless bunch out of the whole
human species. But technology has a great role in helping teenagers. Believe it
or not , not all the effects are harmful towards a human beings well being and
there is certified proof. A survey was carried out with teenage girls in
Greensprings school Lekki Lagos, Block k middle floor, girls hostel. The survey
was based on the ways technology has affected them. The girls said things like without
technology there would be miscommunication and anti- sociality, it helps you
discover new things, it saves time and effort and in some way it saves money.
70% of the girls said that it helped them while 30% admitted that technology
has a negative impact towards them. Most of the positive impacts written down
by the girls who took the survey were things like information tracker, easy
communication, homework done quickly while others just plainly wrote easy life
with a broad range.

only entertainment wise, it is used for many purposes and has many more merits
like medical purposes. Technology saves people’s lives. How? You may ask. Well,
BP readers, thermometers, heart deliberators, scales and so on and so forth,
helps keep you hale and hearty.

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is a similar device to electronic cigarettes in which vapour is inhaled or
exhaled. Some Vapes are nicotine free and aren’t as harmful as cigarettes. This
can be used as replacements to reduce the risk of cancer and other ruinous diseases
than cigarettes  administer. It can even
be used to stop an addiction.

popular one is news as in noteworthy information about recent events. This
leaves individuals aware of what is going on worldwide and even nationwide.
This can save the lives of not only just teenagers or youth, but the whole
mankind. For example, a deadly hurricane is approaching South Africa Cape Town
so if this is broadcasted on the news, people would prepare but without
technology, this cannot be done so lives would be at risk or even lost.

Another popular
one all teenagers obviously know is school. “UGH school!” we would say, but a
lot of technology is needed in school like the computers and printers in the
ICT rooms, the IP boards and even the hand dryers in the bathrooms. It is all
technology! But too much technology in school is not a good thing. For example,
the library will be deserted because people would rely more on the computers in
the ICT room rather than researching using an information filled books.


there are a number of positive effects, the negative effects overpower them. Technology
affects teenagers all over the world in so many different ways. Let us take a
look at America for example, some teenagers that live there are exposed to high
tech machinery’s because The United States of America is a well developed
country technology wise. In fact about 88% of teens in America possess smart
phones or cell phones and 90% of them have conversations with other people on
their phones. This includes snapchat, instagram, kik, twitter and so on. This
can be very dangerous because you may never know who you are talking to and
some teenagers tend to forget what reality really is because they waste their
time attached to their phone and this isn’t a good way of living. Besides using
technology to talk to people, some teenagers tend to use technology to watch
inappropriate videos or movies or go to porn sites. Some even use technology to
watch videos that encourage violence which can increase the crime rate in
America. Another country that is well technologically developed is South Korea.
They even posses more highly advanced machinery’s than America. How has this
affected the teenagers in particular? The amount of internet addiction for
teenagers in South Korea is so much that the government provided boot camps all
over the country to help teenagers with their addiction and this has lead them
to poor grades and lots of other macabre things. The aim of “The Digital Detox
Boot Camp” is to help teenagers reconnect with the real world once again and
weaken their bond with the technology. We can also see that technology is not
only a problem amongst the teenagers in your family but thousands of youths
worldwide not only in South Korea and America.

        In Nigeria, technology isn’t as advanced
but this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t affected that much teenagers. Although
many teenagers don’t possess any technological device due to poverty but some
of the youth’s that own one or more tend to take advantage of it. For example,
in a privileged school like GreenSprings Lekki Lagos, laptops were allowed in
hostel until a teenage boy was caught watching Indian porn and was externally suspended
for days. This just supports the fact that some teenagers who are privileged
tend to take advantage of their opportunities and use it for bad. There are
even armed robbers that go to homes to kill and steal money and some of them
are teenagers. This can be because of different reasons but one of the causes
might be due to technology exposure. Some teenagers that aren’t even that
exposed to the real world can learn a lot of deleterious things of the world
and it may lead to them practicing it.

        As a teenager myself, technology has
also affected me.                      
Speaking from past experiences and my friends, we tend to be lazy when
it comes to education. Let us imagine a French teacher gives us homework to
write an essay in French. Most of us would use devices to go on google
translate rather than actually using our initiative or brain. Technology can
encourage procrastination. How? Television series can show at certain times and
because a TV series shows at a specific time, one can tend to say that they
will study later or they would do their homework later because of the show and
this really affects learning if they procrastinate. Sometimes the internet can
give false information about some certain things because its humans like us
that input information into the web so it is advisable to use information
filled books that are written by professors, doctors, scientist, etc.

There are some
machinery’s that are not necessarily meant to be out there for all age groups
for example sex toys or more specifically vibrating dildos. Dildos are a bad
thing already but including technology into something of poor standards just
makes it worst or even more harmful to the body due to its technicalities. YES!
Some technologies are very harmful to the body even your phones especially when
plugged into a charger.

Being a teenager
means the beginning of your future. This is the region of your life that you
start to apply for jobs or do internships but when some of the jobs, but when
machines take over some jobs this promotes unemployment and this lessens the
chances of teens getting jobs. This can lower the esteem of the youth if they
aren’t able to find a job.

In my opinion,
like I said earlier technology will only have a positive effect on teenagers if
it used wisely and in moderation or for some cases not used at all. It is
advisable that parents should check the phones of their children especially
teenagers once in a while to ensure their phones are used for things that will
positively benefit them. To help reduce or avoid the cynical impact that technology
has on us teenagers, parents should try and involve their youth’s in more
social activities and limit them from the amount of hours they spend either
watching TV or using any electronic device. Parents should also try and build a
closer bond with their teenagers so that they would feel open and have an
intimate connection with them. And us teenagers, should be mindful of the
websites we go to and shouldn’t waste the little money some of us earn from our
starting jobs to purchase inappropriate devices that will not assist us any way
in life. If these measures are taken or followed, then maybe technology would
not be so bad after all because crime rates will reduce, teenagers will become
more independent, and life would finally be worth living.










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