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            Learning comes in different ways. Each student has his or
her own way in expanding his or her knowledge. Students as we are, we are fond
of technologies in our everyday learning. Technology and Social Media are indeed
the best friends of each student. The article “Mobile Computing Devices in
Higher Education: Students perspective on learning with cell phones, smart
phones, and Social Media” is an article that focuses on the use of social media
and its effects to students, teachers, and the school as a whole. While
technology helps students and teachers to be more effective in their job, it
also has disadvantages to their work and their effectiveness.  In full essence, It is undeniable that
technology has its major and minor advantages and disadvantages to the
education of both students and teachers.

study aims to maximize the use of social media on the education of students and
for everyone to be knowledgeable of the effects of these technologies and
devices. The key to assumption of the article are the proper use of
technologies, devices, and social media in order for students as a whole to be
more productive in their work. It is through the responsible usage of these
advanced devices with the aid of Social Media that students can work more
efficiently and for students to be more productive in their work.

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For the
students’ perspective, focus group was mainly used for data collection. Focus
groups via Skype was being done for their focus group interviews. It was founded
that these technologies and mobile devices are their main assistant in learning
and doing work.In addition to the focus group discussion, it was observed that
there are non-verbal behaviors observed in the process. These non-verbal
behaviors are showing signs of students being interested and of showing signs
of boredom. Students, therefore, varies in behaviors and how they connect with
interviews and other necessary questions. Other advantages also include the
fast access to useful information, for faster and more efficient forms of
communication, learning variations, and situated learning. Despite the presence
of these advantages, frustrations of these mobile devices or technologies
enters the picture. It has become a big issue that most students who use social media
networks group think. They are unable to depend on their original thoughts
thinking that the views of others have more value than theirs. (Griffin, 2017).
Therefore, Social Media really has its negative effects on students not just
mentally, but also effectively.

It is
clear from the abstract article that this is just a simple article. It merely
just focuses on the advantages , frustrations, and everything in between these
technologies. The author starts by saying the purpose of the research and that
includes the teaching and learning with the use of advanced technologies.
However, minor confusion starts to go in when only a portion of students
perception is shown and not more with the instructor’s view. With this, we can
not clearly see the balance of both views since it focuses more on the
student’s aspect.

writer of the article was able to cite credible sources and data that made the
whole article more convincing to read. They also added in-text citations – just
like what we learned from our E.A.P.P class – that makes the whole article away
from plagiarism. This is very important in every article that is written
because it is what makes the whole article reliable and worthy of reading. With
all the sources, references, and citations, it makes data more reliable and is
to be considered as a strength of the whole article.

makes the article interesting is due to the fact that it is very confusing
especially from the introduction. The author starts it with studies that makes
us question even more what the article is about. Just by reading the article’s
first parts makes us think and consider whether mobile computing devices and
such is an advantage or a disadvantage.

made the whole article good is that the advantage and the disadvantage is very
well presented which included the experiences of the students. There is a
presence of being fair and of being unbiased by this article. The author’s view
is just and is not making one judgment more actual and correct. Of being fair,
it is where doors of open-mindedness starts to open. With this, we can now
consider both views reasonably.

length of the whole article makes every reader bleary-eyed. Not only that, it
is very hard to read because the letter are very small. Personally, I find the
whole article long and wordy. There are a lot of pages which frustrates me – as
a non-reader type of person. Though there is a clear presentation of data, the
number of pages and the wordy text makes an individual leaving uninterested.
Overall, length is just what makes it tiresome, but what matters most is what
is inside the article that genuinely made us think and reconsider both views on
the advancement of technologies and devices in the field of education as a

this article, students and parents may want to reconsider the use of social
media in one’s education. When
old-school teachers were students, they had to spend hours in the library
looking for the information they needed. Today, technology integration makes
everything different and simpler. Students can easily access newspapers,
scientific articles, studies, and any other type of content online.(Norman,
2016). This shows how technology is evolving from time to time. Thus, can
create opportunities for students and teachers to connect more and may even
improve the educational system.

 Research has been done to present an unbiased
experiences of students and for everyone to be mindful what technology has to
offer – especially that technology and other forms of devices are rapidly
evolving from time to time. The importance of this research is to know the
effectiveness of technologies to students, instructors, and to the educational
system as a whole.

the use of Social Media, student are able to connect with each other especially
when it comes to work-related matters. The access of advanced devices with the
aid of Social Media allows student to cooperate and collaborate with each other
especially in school related work and activities. Even so, it may also have its
negative effects to students.


Griffin, L. (2017, July
12). The Impact of Social Media on Student’s Life. Retrieved January 24, 2018,

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