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Teaching is a
profession; it requires secialized educational training, intensive preparation
and adherence to ethical standards. Many people will argue that teaching is not
a profession. Ironically teachers are the building blocks of all the
professions that exist. Teachers teach doctors, lawyers, technicians,
physicians and so on. Of all these professions, teaching is the most important.

Effective teaching
requires specialized educational training and experience. There are credential
and licensing requirements that current and aspiring teachers must have. According
to the American Samoa Bar Association (2008), “No person may be employed as a
member of the teaching personnel in any public school who is not of good
character, in good health, and in possession of a teacher’s certification
granted by the teachers’ Certification Board.” In these days teachers must be
trained and certified to enter a classroom. They receive training through
certification courses and professional developments. There is a lot of work
that goes into teaching. It takes long hours of intensive planning and
preparation to create lessons, lectures, activities and assessments for

The Australian
Council of Professions (2016), defines profession as “a disciplined group of
individuals who adhere to ethical standards… and are accepted by the public as
possessing special knowledge and skills in a widely recognized body of learning
derived from research.” Teachers are held up to high standards because they influence
the lives of children. They must follow ethical standards that are designed to
protect their students. The National Education Association (2017), highlights
in its code of ethics two principles, which are “commitment to the student” and
“commitment to the profession.” Teachers must do all that they can to help
their students harness their potential. Teachers work to stimulate the spirit
of inquiry, the acquiring of knowledge and understanding, and the thoughtful
formulation of worthy goals (NEA, 2017).

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Teachers teach for
the best interest of others. They are professionals who dedicate their time and
skills to the profession of teaching. Never underestimate the importance of
teachers. They work hard to improve their methods of teaching and develop their
talents to better serve their students. Teaching is not just a job it is a

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