Teachers in the United States are facing problems when they have only one specialty. Without a broader career path in place, some encounter layoffs and unemployment. Additional training is also necessary when subjects change. Increases in knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts require more training and coursework. Those with more than one subject in their background are able to retain teaching jobs. By mastering multiple focuses, many teachers may increase salary by holding two or more classes each day. Why Additional Training HelpsVarious subjects change through time. This leads to a lack of knowledge when a teacher does not take additional training. The material in sciences and health often demand constant checking for changes. Others such as math and English classes may only face modification based on current slang or definition alterations of certain words. However, to remain relevant and up to date, some courses will require training to stabilize knowledge. This is most beneficial to the instructor, but this could help students to learn the most up to date data. Then, the classes may provide additional assistance to those seeking careers in the course.The General TeacherMost professionals in the education field have only one specialty. When only one subject is taught by these individuals, their career path is narrow. This keeps opportunities limited. While fewer students are taught by these teachers, the scope of promotion may not increase. Tenure may ensure layoffs are fewer, but some instructors could face complications in their careers. Closing schools and lack of funds often causes problems for these educators.  Without another subject to fall back on, teachers face moving to another district. Finding jobs elsewhere becomes a reality. It is important to seek the best possible opportunities in life through education, additional training and a broader career path.The Broader Career Path ExplainedWithout becoming professors in college, standard teachers may still increase their knowledge of subjects and seek more education. This is possible through additional coursework and learning new specialties. By having certification in multiple courses, they may become dispensable with the school. This could stop a layoff when funds are lacking. It is possible that tenure may occur quicker when teaching multiple subjects. Through expanding a repertoire, instructors may broaden their horizons. This may also improve salaries and benefits. However, to progress to this point, teachers usually must take years of added classes through universities or colleges.With a high school curriculum already planned out, teachers may have less say in what is taught. However, they are able to add projects and activities. By increasing the capability of students learning, the administration may observe improvement in test scores and grades. This increases the need for certain teachers over others. Salary raises and contract extensions occur based on these actions. By better absorption of knowledge, students may move on to college. This improves prospects for certain educators. Through broadening a career path in various ways, a teacher may increase his or her odds while working for a school.Facing AdversitySometimes, teachers face difficult situations in an administration. This occurs through discrimination, harassment. Some principals are against any changes to a curriculum. Superintendents may object to activities in specific classrooms. Other schools may attempt to keep teachers on a narrow career path. Fighting against these situations is difficult, and many teachers are unable to persevere. Some teachers face conflict with parents. These circumstances may revolve around evolution lessons for fundamental Christian parents and students. Others may include the teaching of sex education for gay and lesbian individuals. The situations often change based on the location of the country.Increasing Opportunity for TeachersWhen conflict is at a minimum, teachers may have the opportunity to take courses and training to improve prospects. Some schools offer benefits through paid coursework. Others may work the educators’ classes around additional university classes. With districts wanting to improve the career path of their teachers, it is possible for these individuals to broaden their work lives. When the teacher is satisfied with these circumstances, the students may see an improvement in classes and activities. Overall moral and grades may increase. It is important for teachers to seek the best possible conditions by taking additional training and education. Some teachers may need to contact the school administration about these possibilities. Others may need to communicate with principals, superintendents and school boards. Many may need to change policies that schools implement. Through educating the school, these teachers may broaden their career paths with ease.

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