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To establish a respectful and professional relationship with children and young people you should first build up trust with them, once a young person trusts you they will show you respect and open up to you and hold a conversation. They will turn to you if they need help if they feel you are trust worthy and respectful of them. It is very important to give children the opportunity to put forward their ideas and provide children with opportunities to express themselves in their own time and using their own words, children should be given plenty of thinking time.

The children should always have your full attention when listening to them; this can be achieved through body language, facial expression, speech and gesture. Listening to children is key to establishing a positive relationship; it is essential that teachers listen to children and then respond appropriately, these skills can be modelled to children through speaking and listening. A good starting point would be to talk to the child about what they enjoy, hobbies, schooling, family and friends etc.

Show them that you are interested in what they have to say. It is also good to communicate boundaries and make children aware that breaking rules will result in consequences, if this is explained in the right way then a fair punishment can be decided and fairness will result in respect from each part. For a very young child round age 3 I would communicate with them by coming down to their level changing my voice so it sounded soft and gentle, I would be warm and open to them, I would observe and then join in their game.

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I would talk about whatever they were doing I would leave open questions so they didn’t feel pressured into answering and would give lots of positive wording and smiles to make the child feel good. When talking to a young child I would always leave about a 10 second gap in-between everything I say so if they want to initiate communication they have the chance to. I feel for any age you need to go along the same sort of line it’s all about eye contact becoming friendly and welcoming although with a teenager it might be good to act cool and use a bit of slag in the conversation just to build up some likeability.

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