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TCP 4 : Luo Guanzhong’s Three KingdomsIf I was selected as the Curator for a special project, and had to choose an artwork to carry aboard a space to to preserve I would choose the novel by Luo Guanzhong named Romance of the Three Kingdoms published in the 14th century.The novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms should continue to be preserved and studied for generations to come because it is an important influence to Chinese culture and national identity.             The novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a well known piece of Chinese Traditional Literature based on the Three Kingdoms period, a fictional piece written into a novel during the Ming Dynasty.(Romance of the Three Kingdoms ????)  Luo Guanzhong records along history to represents the era’s political and social affairs. (The Great Classic: Romance of the Three Kingdoms) The story begins at the end of the Han Dynasty, it’s a very long story and is very rarely told or shown in its entirety, “many of the chapters provide enough ingredients for a story or performance on its own.” (Romance of the Three Kingdoms ????) When the story is coming to an end the second generation leaders come into the story and the Jin Dynasty is introduced.The Romance of the Three Kingdoms was shaped by many important historical moments for Chinese culture and should be preserved to maintain this information for generations to come. The Reign of Emperor Huan from 146-148 was a major event that started the genesis of the Han Dynasty falling, Emperor Huan increased the power of eunuchs, which are men who have had their testicles removed in order to have maximum effort and potential on the battlefield, he also had widespread violence and corruption throughout China. (Romance of the three kingdoms timeline) Anyone who would comment on his corruption, he would just respond with death threats. After Emperor Huan, the next to take the throne is Emperor Ling whose “reign is also is marked by the eunuchs’ rampant abuse of power.” (Romance of the three kingdoms timeline) The yellow turban rebellion was a rise in rebellion from the peasants to end the Han Dynasty. “The Rebellion is started by Zhang Hue and his brothers, the chaos of the rebellion, and the government actions in putting it down, does much to destabilize the Han.” (Romance of the three kingdoms timeline) These are just some of the events that shaped this novel and have magnificent amount of cultural value that later generations should know of even if they aren’t of Chinese descent. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is known as one out of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature, along with Water Margin, Journey to the West, and Dream of the Red Chamber, these four novels frame the center of Chinese traditional writing and still illuminate present day culture. (The Four Classic Novels of Chinese Literature) The typical art style of the Han dynasty of ancient China is described by a want to represent regular day to day existence and the stories from history and folklore commonplace to all. (The Art of the Han Dynasty) Romance of the Three Kingdoms remains enormously prominent in China, and has affected national identity, “since it dramatises one of the foundational myths of the nation; that of its disintegration and unification.” (The Four Classic Novels of Chinese Literature) The novel remains a remarkably strong work, which educates Chinese political cognizance “even today in a way that rivals Shakespeare’s place in English self-identity.” (The Four Classic Novels of Chinese Literature) Although all of the other three classical novels of chinese literature had a great prominence for the development of the Chinese society, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms should be preserved instead of the other because of the key time that this novel was made, where corruption and violence is prominent. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the most popular classical novels in Chinese culture that is still quoted and seen as an inspirational piece today. Today this novel is very popular still, especially in Chinese and Japanese culture. There are many comics, video games, films, etc. based on the novel, I found around 16 video games, and 3 movies based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This shows how popular this novel still is in today’s culture, to have a whole video game series on it, art based off it, and multiple films on the novel, it has to be relevant in our time. I couldn’t find much information at all on how it was portrayed in its time. What I found particularly meaningful about this novel is all of the key historical events that helped develop Chinese society that are incorporated into this novel. There is so many events in this novel that are important to Chinese culture, for example the Yellow Turban Rebellion.The Romance of the three Kingdoms compares to another novel of its time called Water Margin. Water Margin was published first, but both of these novels were published in the 14th century. These two novels have similar characters too, for example Liu Bei and Song Jiang are both humble leaders that were blessed with the position of leadership, Zhuge Liang and Wu Yong are both wise advisors who are almost always correct, and Zhao Yun and Hua Rong who are both the courageous warrior. The most important thing for future generations to be aware of are the social and political affairs that the Chinese society has been through, then pushed forward through adversity to the development of a thriving society. This novel has inspired many people and helps people understand their cultural identity. In conclusion, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms should continue to be preserved and studied for generations to come because it is an important influence to Chinese culture and national identity. This novel contains a large amount of historical  information that has a magnificent amount of value and knowledge of where and what the Chinese society has came from and what they’ve accomplished to get here.

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